Spreading Anti-Christianity VIII: Megiddo - The Oath

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    Spreading Anti-Christianity VIII: Megiddo - The Oath

    Megiddo is a fairly unknown band from Canada. Anyone into any type of metal will enjoy this, I promise. This is an anthem, don't pass this up.

    The Oath
    I've watched as your empires have fallen
    And laughed as your gods have all cried
    I've tempted the souls of your pious
    And tainted their minds with my lies
    I've traveled across all the earth
    And I've cursed it with each step I've taken
    I've shed the most innocent of blood
    In the name of that which you call Satan

    There are no chains which can hold me
    No sword which can pierce through my skin
    There are no saints I've not slaughtered
    And no evil I've not taken within
    There is no sin I've not tasted
    No blasphemy I have not embraced
    No rule or law I've not broken
    No scripture I have not defaced

    The oath which binds me to this world
    For past times and those yet to come
    This oath which has left me immortal
    And allows me to outlive the sun
    Death it shall never embrace me
    It's cold grasp shall not touch my life
    I'm bound by the oath to this world
    Forever free to spread pestilence and strife

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    If you have an anti-christian song you'll like to have featured next, send me the upload.

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    Black metal will continue; as long as Judeo-Christian ideals exist,
    so will the need to oppose them with art.

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    Those lyrics are great, I shall have to check out the band as well.

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