• i wrote an album review again... Caedere - Corruption

    5 Ago 2012, 22:09 de tomcatha

    Yes this is my first review in a year.

    Caedere – Corruption

    Caedere is a Dutch death metal band from the far eastern part of the country. You know the area where the legends Asphyx and Pestilence came from. This band has been active since 1998. This is their 2nd EP and 4th release overall. They released 2 full lengths in the past. This EP is meant as a teaser for their new album of which the release date is not known.

    I personally heard of this band a few years ago when they were opening a local metal festival. I did not see them back then and my actual discovery of this band happened only fairly recently. Not too long ago they played at another local metal festival which I did attend. I was fairly impressed by their performance and decided to pick up their EP afterwards because it was just 3 euros.

    This is a short EP with just 3 songs running just over 10 minutes. The overall style of this EP I would describe as mostly Floridan in style but with noticeable traces of the Swedish sound. Lastly the groove that a lot of Dutch death metal bands is also there lurking in the back. They actually don’t sound very different from Severe Torture a brutal death metal band from the same country. They however are no copycats. It is more a case of sharing influences and I’d say that this band has less of the classic Dutch death metal groove and sounds more American.
    This EP for me has one obvious issue: the kickdrums. They are just too loud and dominate the mix too much. There are however no other issues with the mix. The bass guitar is audible and has a nice tone. The guitars sound decent albeit a bit too digital.

    The instrumental part of this EP is rather varied. There is no constant blasting, the guitars play varied riffs going from tremolo picking to more groove based slower paced riffing. The bass guitar is surprisingly technical and does not just follow the guitars. In fact sometimes the bass seemingly breaks free and becomes the lead instrument. However these instruments only get to shine when the drummer doesn’t push everything out of the way with his kickdrums. The vocals are a bit bland. The vocals are in the same vein as most modern brutal death metal bands. No pig squealing however. I am not very fond of this style of vocals. Fortunately there is also a backing vocalist who performs higher shrieks. This changes things up a little and makes it quite a bit better in the vocals department.

    The songs themselves are fairly decent. There are plenty of tempo changes but the pace never really becomes less than mid-paced. There is a decent amount of energy however the songs are not very memorable at the same time. Again it seems that the kickdrums are the primary cause of this problem. I am pretty sure I would enjoy the songwriting more if not for this. At the same time it’s the style of this band that is less about catchiness compared with old school death metal. However that’s a trade that this style makes for brutality, the kind of energy and atmosphere. It should thus not really be compared with OSDM. If you look at this release from such a vantage point I’d say that this is above average for its field.

    Overall I’d say that this is a decent EP suffering from one big problem. In the other areas I’d say that there is no real issue but at the same time never really grabs me either. For a couple bucks it’s worth checking it out. Live this band however is quite a bit better and their material shines quite a bit more. Definitely worth checking out if they appear near you and in the end this is a positive sign. If a band sounds better live, maybe they will get that energy decently on a release in the future. In the end i think 6.8 is more and less how i feel about this scoring wise.

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  • A review for the saturday of neurotic deathfest.

    14 Mar 2012, 17:55 de tomcatha

  • Best of 2011 (early edition)

    19 Dic 2011, 9:56 de tomcatha

    I was making a best of 2011 list for a website and thought i might as well post it here.
    However considering it always takes a few years before a i really know the best releases of a year this will change.

    1) Autopsy – Macabre Eternal
    2) Manilla Road – Playground of the Damned
    3) Orphaned Land – The Road to Or-Shalem
    4) Volture – Rulebreaker (single)
    5) Septic Flesh – The Great Mass
    6) Moonsorrow – Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa
    7) Crowbar – Sever the Wicked Hand
    8) Rudra – Brahmavidya: Immortal I
    9) Vintersorg – Jordpuls
    10) Primordial – Redemption At The Puritans Hand

    honourable mention: Arch/Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance

    Manilla RoadOrphaned LandVoltureSeptic FleshMoonsorrowCrowbarRudraVintersorgPrimordialArch/Matheos
  • Tharshujmy

    15 Sep 2011, 16:26 de SnQfcch

    Po niedawnej chwili zatracenia w emanującej błyskiem muzyce standartów rockowych i metalowych, znów mam ochotę THRASHOWAĆ! Pozdrawiam wszystkich, którzy Thrashują, jak ja!
  • The beginning and the end of the retro-death metal movement?

    19 Jun 2011, 11:06 de tomcatha

    Dead Congregation - Graves of the Archangels

    Ahhhh I remember how I felt when I first heard this album. My first reaction can be summed up in 1 word: UAAAAGGGHH. Maybe that is not a word. Whatever this album has so many awesome riffs. In fact more awesome riffs than pretty much every album ever. However this gem is more than just riffs. I’ll tell you what s this album has and why you should buy it. You could also not buy it if you hate yourself for some reason, really really hate yourself. Really, really, really hate yourself. Really, really, rea.... yes I guess you got the point now.

    So what do we have here. Well we basically got a new york death metal album that sounds like it came from when the scene in New York was at it's best. However this beast is not from early 90's New York but from Athens in Greece from the year 2008. I personally don't really associate Greece with death metal but like they say RIFFS transcend borders. Read a transcendental death metal joke here.

    The Album art is interesting. The band wanted it to look like the music they made. I have to disagree with them on this. The art looks like something from a bad dream and this album doesn't sound dreamy at all. I like the art despite it not looking as the album sounds.

    The production, the tones and mixing on this album are modern but only the good sides of modern. All the instruments can be heard clearly but without any sterility that plagues so many albums these days. Everything sounds like how it should. With meat, with power and with atmosphere. It's all perfect.

    When it comes to the actual songs. Well like I said earlier they sound like they were made in New York. A mixture between all the big classic bands NYDM bands from the early 90's while at the same time having their really own unique touch. Graves of the Archangels sounds not like a Incantation or Immolation clone. No it stands on its own in fact it stands on a pillar of comparable height as the best of both aforementioned bands. I'm calling it. This is the best NYDM album in years and it is in fact my favorite album of the currently ongoing retro-death metal movement. It's hard to point out specific highlights because everything is of such high average quality. However there are a few moments which give me chills. The intro of Graves of the Archangels with the chanting which just create an awesome atmosphere and the entirety of Teeth into Red and Martyrdoom. Vanishing Faith is also great and and... Fuck it. There are no highlights on this album. This album is like the sun. Even the dark spots will blind you.

    In short: A must have, a must buy, a must own. I don't think there are much more enjoyable things you can do with the couple of bucks this album costs. This album indeed might be the alpha and the omega of the retro-death movement but I won't feel sad if it is. This is a modern classic period. Now hopefully they will start touring more soon. If they do start touring, you can find me right in front of the stage headbanging my neck into a whiplash.

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  • In Flames - Colony (reseña)

    28 Mar 2011, 15:33 de MinaseTaki

    Aquí es donde la banda decidió abandonar por completo la melancolía y complejidad de los álbumes anteriores e intentar algo diferente. A primera vista casi puede dar la sensación de que estamos ante un disco de versiones de la doncella de hierro…no, en serio, la influencia es así de fuerte. Desde el primer tema, Embody The Invisible, queda perfectamente claro lo que este álbum entraña. Batería excelente con ritmos medios y rápidos, una sensación animada y positiva, voz aceptable y lo más importante: la guitarra. Armonías, armonías y más armonías.

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    In Flames
  • Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge (Reseña)

    10 Mar 2011, 11:38 de MinaseTaki

    ¿Qué se puede esperar de una banda cuyo nombre significa “tormenta de cerveza”? Un espíritu de fiesta, alegría y virilidad. La sensación de embarcarse en una aventura épica con queridos camaradas a la búsqueda de la gloria y el ron. ¡Grumetes y marineros de agua dulce, manténganse bien lejos, porque en hoja de mi espada brilla la esencia de la liberdad!

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    Captain Morgan’s Revenge
  • The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland (Reseña)

    2 Mar 2011, 8:48 de MinaseTaki

    La portada de Floodland por The Sisters of Mercy muestra exactamente de qué va el disco y las imágenes que vendrán a la cabeza al escucharlo: el estar ante un océano inmenso en noche cerrada, con el reflejo de la luna proyectándose sobre la superficie del mar. Misterioso, taciturno, épico. Además, me gusta el nombre de la banda. “Las hermanas de la piedad”…me hace pensar en un grupo de damas a principios del siglo XX en alguna mansión extraña donde torturan gente y después les matan al tener piedad por ellos...

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    The Sisters of Mercy
  • At The Gates - The Red in the Sky is Ours

    19 Feb 2011, 16:40 de MinaseTaki

    ¿Qué álbums tienen el honor de ser alabados como las obras maestras que muestran el verdadero potencial de la banda, antes de que ésta decidiera venderse y echarse a perder? La respuesta puede ser cualquiera de los tres primeros discos, dependiendo del fan al que preguntes. En general, no obstante, el primer álbum es considerado el mejor por la mayoría...

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    At the Gates
    The Red in the Sky Is Ours
  • Bloodbath – Breeding Death

    17 Feb 2011, 8:40 de MinaseTaki

    La esencia mórbida del death metal nunca muere. Cierto es que ha habido subgéneros como el death técnico, que son más extraños, y otros como el brutal death, que ya exageran la fórmula, pero el death metal tradicional ha seguido vivo de un modo u otro en el underground. “¡Oh, pero hay cantidad de grupos que se dedican a hacer lo mismo y no tienen nada de especial!”, podrías decir. Pues bien, éste no es un grupo cualquiera, oh, no. Bloodbath es un supergrupo de death metal...

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    Breeding Death