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Group dedicated to lovers of symphonic music.

The term "symphony" comes from the Greek Syn - phone - a coming together of sounds , or a sounding together . The earliest use of the term for a composition comes from late 16th century Italy, when the Venetian composer Giovanni Gabrieli, who was in charge of music for the cathedral of San Marco, which still exists there, wrote a work combining voices and various musical instruments called the Sacrae Symphoniae . Gabrieli is famous for his antiphonal brass music exploiting the resonant acoustics of that great Cathedral. By the 18th century, what we now call the overture to an opera, or an oratorio, was called the Sinfonia. In the scores to the operas and oratorios of Handel and his contemporaries, you can see this description of the introduction. A typical sinfonia to an opera or oratorio would usually consist of thre parts ; a lively section followed by a slower one, leading to another lively part, often in the form of a minuet . Some of the sinfonias came to be performed separately at concerts , and soon, composers began to write sinfonias as an independent form for those concerts , with no connection to any opera. Many once prominent 18th century composers wrote sinfonias to be performed at concerts, such as the Italian Giovanni Battista Sammartini, the German Johann Stamitz and C.P.E. Bach , one of the sons of the great Johann Sebastian , and many others. The first composer whose symphonies are still performed today with any regularity is Joseph Haydn, (1732 -1809), who wrote no fewer than 104 of them during his long and distinguished career . Most Haydn symphonies consist of four movements - a first, sometimes with a majestic slow introduction in sonata form, with exposition , development and recapitulation, a slow movement followed by a minuet , ending with a lively finale.

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