pool radio: a radio station aggregator

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    • 5 May 2008, 19:33

    pool radio: a radio station aggregator

    I like to listen to a lot of random stuff, but usually am way too lazy to search for good stations. So over the extended weekend I made this:

    http://www.poolradio.org/ -- a random selection of hopefully interesting radio stations (1,600 and counting), refresh the page to get more.

    The stations are aggregated from a number of sources (atm mostly user tag feeds, group forums, global tag charts.) For most stations it also displays a Wikipedia blurb generated from the station name; which doesn't always work well, but I like how it adds a bit of context.

    Any suggestions for more users/groups/other sources?

  • awesome idea. here's some suggestions:

    the new event radios: eg here's the one for Glastonbury http://www.last.fm/listen/event/457062

    how about the group radio for the The 1 Percenters - membership requirements are designed to result in a diverse & non-mainstream radio.

    I have quite a few (eg here's my profile)but I'll pimp only a couple:

    Jazz Cafe London - artists who have appeared at the Jazz cafe

    Woodstock - the entire setlist of woodstock

    club its automatic - italo disco electro radio. worth a listen

    Like Minimal Techno? ---> You'll love High on Electronic Music
    Have diverse and non-mainstream taste in music? ---> See if you qualify for The 1 Percenters group....
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    • 8 May 2008, 21:11
    Event stations are an amazing idea, didn't even think of that!

    I already scrape the 1 Percenters group, tags that get linked in their forum discussions will automatically be added to pool radio. Check the full list of groups that get aggregated on the pool radio homepage.

    And I just noticed that the tags you mentioned just got added into pool radio too, because this group is also one of the sources :)

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    • 8 May 2008, 21:15
    ah, but group radio for 1 percenters is indeed missing, will add that in a bit.

  • ahh, scraping forum posts... I see what you're doing. You know this is similar to flickr's explore/interestingness idea. A mention in a group forum is worth more than just a random tag. If you were to index every user's tags you would get a million "seen live" or "albums I own" tags, but a forum post gives added weight to the (credibility?/listen-ability?/value?) of that tag.

    I'm not sure how much access your bot has to the inner workings of the last.fm database, but you could rank user-tags (& events, & groups, & venues, & labels etc etc) based on the number of people who listen to those tags. ie rank user-tags based on user-attention. but then again, this might be skewed by the overall listening preferences of the last.fm population (ie radiohead & beatles)

    I like the presentation on the poolradio.org page, but I think with the wikipedia preview text, its either more, or nothing. Personally I would prefer to have 2 lists running down the page, 1.tags based on genres, 2 all other tags. Sorting the two groups might require some manual input, but not a whole lot in the scheme of things.

    I also think a random button to jump to a random genre-station or random "other"station would be cool (ie like google's "I'm feeling lucky")

    2nd Last but not least, here's some recommendations:

    Cylob and his crew are tireless in manning this group. They put out heaps of user-voted top 100 lists. Only problem is they publish their lists in text format in their journals, if a bot could parse that into a playable station that would be unreal.



    Lastly, I notice its not possible in last.fm to recommend a tag (except via shoutbox, which isn't the same)


    Like Minimal Techno? ---> You'll love High on Electronic Music
    Have diverse and non-mainstream taste in music? ---> See if you qualify for The 1 Percenters group....
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    • 9 May 2008, 7:37
    This only uses publicly available resources. Of course I have access to listening data in my job, but I was curious how far I could come by simply doing this as a third party service. (It was e.g. interesting to see that because of our beautiful semantic markup, scraping forums is amazingly easy.)

    Yes I'm planning to do station classification (by genre etc), but I'm not sure yet how I'm going to use that information. Atm I'm actually not that interested in genre tags, maybe I'll use that as a way to display less of them.

    About converting M.A.C. lists into stations -- the way to do that is for one user to tag them all, and then play this user's tag radio. Could also be done by a bot, but I'm not sure if I want to spend time on that already, so much other things to do :)

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    • 8 Ago 2008, 14:08
    Brilliant idea... and I'm in there! :D

    Some suggestions from my Library, up to you if you want to include them:

    Chiller Cabinet - A UK radio show. Track-specific tag radio from their playlists.

    Music to fall asleep to - 1215 and counting tracks of pure loveliness. By an insomniac for insomniacs

    Just a bit of fun - uptempo

    Chillout - midtempo

    30f - hot and cool dance tracks

    My album picks of 2007

    My album picks of 2008

    Gorgeous tracks - well I think so

    Last.fm Artists and more

    Ashes To Ashes soundtrack, sequel to Life on Mars (TV show)

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