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Do you think modern world lacks spirituality, sense of sacredness? Is it becoming a materialistic, nihilistic, godless place?

Postmodernist world fall in a deep crisis. Nothing left sacred here. Vulgarism, obscenity, pornography, cynicism conquered media, internet, literature. Material wealth became a ultimate goal for people, religions often care more about politics than spirituality. A huge propaganda machine is used to distract people from sacrality (media, politics, economics, modern psychology, feminists, LGBT, etc...).

We need spiritual revival, a Resacralization of the world, a peaceful union between all religions an faiths with a aim to creating a new ambient where purity, beauty, tranquility, love, morality would be a key values. Where would be no place for wars, cynicism, aggression, nature contamination, obscene behavior.

All people should stand together to reach the ultimate goal - peace, sacred union with God and the End of all perversions.

No matter the religion, these commandments should be our guides through life:
*do not pretend to be God and do not have idols (money, people, other material objects)
*do not use sacred words for vanity, do not use obscene language
*respect parents, elder, wise people
*do not kill nor people nor animal
*do not commit adultery, sodomy; to be pure and humble at love
*do not steal
*do not lie
*do not wish anything that belongs to your neighbor
*do not lust for people who belong to other
*respect and cherish our Nature

Please join if you agree of these ideas, share your thoughts, feelings about it. Peace!

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