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Líder: TaitheStrange
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Creado el: 25 Feb 2009
Redistributed back into the cosmic ether.


Sonic Explorations was a radio show based in New Zealand and hosted by Tamatai 'Tai' Ngarimu. It began airing on Contact 88.1 FM in Hamilton from March 2008 to November 2009, before relocating to Radio Control 99.4 FM in Palmerston North and airing from November 2010 to January 2012 (both with live online streaming).

The basic gist of the show was to showcase material from the world of psychedelic, experimental and avant-garde music. Content would span from old, new, local and international content with a large emphasis on exposing material that usually would not get radio play.

As of now, the show is no more.

The purpose of this page is to promote the artists played on the show, as well as offering an open network where ex-listeners and supporters can meet like-minded music geeks from around the world.

You can also find information about the show here:

Dare to explore.

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