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Siva. is a quartet from Berlin, Germany, a collective playing with a wide array of instruments since 2001. Pop, rock, electronic tricks, home & field-recording, samples and minimalism...

This looks familiar. Everything has changed. "Same Sights, New Light", the sophomore album of Berlin's Siva., is the new and shining work of a new and shining collective. Boldly and tenderly, their creation phrases music and sound, describes vast arcs in beautiful tongues. In here, synthesis suspires, and folk and pop and digital crackles get to many splendid points.

Two years have passed since the release of the band's debut "The Story Is Complete, But I Think We've Lost The Book". These days and months saw Siva. freeing themselves from the tight corset of a band-aided solo idea - crew changes, experiments, emancipations and compromise solutions set ideal conditions for a new body of work. The new old band repossessed the past, rebuilt it, got it on new roads.

Now, "Same Sights, New Light" recounts the steps and moments, taking its time with every instant. Be impressed by "One Line" climbing itself, with many heads in the clouds and at least one foot still under the kitchen table, under the notebook, the coffee and the sound card. With stunning care, "A Place Worth Mentioning" weaves giant rhythm into soft and floating landscape pickings. And "All The Right Moves" sees the warmest heart playing syntheses.

In kitchens, churches, halls and Berlin rooms, Siva. recorded indie pop gestures, atmospheres, feedbacks, choirs, saw teeth, glitches and grandeur. From these, "Same Sights, New Light" assembles the elegant sound of many perspectives. In love with details, inspired by harmonies, its instruments circle each other, talk with one voice, dress in homes of alpine scopes and cushion hideouts. They invite and inspire you, they are volatile and gorgeous, new and different and familiar.

"Same Sights, New Light" is out on July 3, 2009 on DevilDuck Records.

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