Fave Silversun Pickups Song? Seen them Live?

  • Fave Silversun Pickups Song? Seen them Live?

    What's your favorite song by Silversun Pickups? I have to think about it...so many good ones.

    I saw them at a really small club a couple of months ago...maybe 100 people just before they went on tour with Wolfmother. Got to meet all the band members except for the drummer. They were all very cool and they know about this group here at LAST FM becuase I told them about it...they thought it was cool and had never heard of LAST FM. I'm hoping we can get this group to grow and make it a cool one.

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    • 11 Dic 2006, 6:25
    i saw em over a year ago opening up for autolux and secremachines. this was when they just released pikul, its crazy to seem blow up after a year

  • NoBloodForOil said:
    Got to meet all the band members except for the drummer.

    i heard about these guys (and girl) a little over a year ago from a friend of mine who's cousins with the drummer.

    this past summer, me and 4 of my friends vacationed to cali to stay with my friend's brother. during that time, i met Christopher's(drummer) parents, ate thier food, slept in their house, and played on his little beat maker casio keyboard. sadly, i didn't get to meet christopher.

    fave song is probably future foe scenarios, with dream at tempo 119, little lovers so polite, three seed, and common reactor, coming in a close tie for 2nd.

    -and definitely gonna see them live when they come to toronto in march.

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    • 16 Dic 2006, 7:02
    Future Foe Scenearies for now. Rusted Wheel and Well Thought Out Twinkles are some other good ones.

  • agreed

    "Future Foe Scenarios" rules. In second place is "Kissing Families."

    I saw them at this great, small venue in Minneapolis about a month ago. Maybe the best show I saw this year. Oh man, so fun.

  • Future Foe Scenarios, my first love... :P

    I had a blog bout indie scene, so i ask to teh band to answer some questions, and brian are a very cool guy, really...

    i wish i had an opportunity to see them alive, here in Brazil...

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    • 26 Dic 2006, 7:56
    Ditto, Future Foe Scenarios is what first got me hooked (after it aired on KEXP) and it's still my favorite, but I really like all of them.

    I saw them live in Boise a couple months ago and it was a great show.

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    • 27 Dic 2006, 8:57
    Little Lover's So Polite

    • shaffer76 escribió...
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    • 3 Ene 2007, 21:44
    1 Future Foe Scenarios
    2 Little Lover's So Polite
    3 Lazy Eye

    hell i could name them all .... carnavas is the first album in a very long time where i LOVE every song !

    my favorite band at the moment .

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  • All of them are awesome on Carnavas

    Kissing Families & All The Go Inbetweens On Pikul

  • Probably Melatonin, Lazy Eye, and Kissing Families. Great Band! I got their EP when it first came out, but I didn't really listen to it all that much. I recently started listening to it again and now I'm completely in love with this band.

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    • 10 Feb 2007, 12:09
    Little Lover's So Polite or Lazy Eye

    • Rowvisky escribió...
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    • 20 Feb 2007, 2:12
    My fav music is Dream at tempo 119.

  • There's a non-album version of Rusted Wheel in file sharing programs, I don't know where it's from, but that one's hella awesome. It's all...not crappy like the one in the CD. I love Three Seed, ...All the Go In-Betweens, and Booksmart Devil.
    Pikul makes Carnavas seem like a steaming pile a crapness on a pedestal of even more severe crappiness.

  • Future Fore Scenarios, Rusted Wheel on Carnavas

    Comeback Kid on Pikul... Comeback Kid is like the best song ever

    sk8ter-hater, stfu, Carnavas is great. Don't hate on the twenty-minute long distortions of death :P

    Fuck what you heard.
  • Actually, I did love the distortions of death on the last song. It ties the CD together. It's just that some of them songs didn't have energy.

  • Well, you're right to some extent... I can get with that.

    But at least you're not one of the "UNHH DISTORTIONS!" people. ugh. :)

    On-Topic: Saw them live in Oakland last year. It was great. they didn't do Rusted Wheel tho. :( also nikki. <3

    Fuck what you heard.
  • i'm seeing them tomorrow night on carson daly in LA!

    they are on carson all week this week. i'm so stoked. 1:30am on nbc. there are some sweet backstage clips w/them on the carson daly web site http://www.nbc.com/Last_Call_with_Carson_Daly/

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    • 4 Mar 2007, 17:04

    If i really had to chose one to be alive i'd pick Future Foe Scenarios ;)

  • New band to me but they're already easily my favorite right now. It's been a long time since I've listened to a new album where I wanted to play almost every song over and over (and over and over) again. Favorites: Kissing Families (I know, from Pikul not Carnavas), Well Thought Out Twinkles, Future Foe Scenarios, Little Lover's So Polite, Lazy Eye, and Dream at Tempo 119. If I had to pick just one, probably Kissing Families but it's a tough call.

    Saw them at Key Arena here in Seattle a few nights ago. They were great but as the first act, their set was painfully short. Luckily they'll be back in town in April, headlining at a much smaller (and over 21) venue. Got my tickets already!

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    • 20 Mar 2007, 23:57
    Kissing Families. Nice video too!

    • Knebworth escribió...
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    • 18 Jun 2007, 14:43
    1) Little Lover's So Polite
    2) Lazy Eye
    3) Kissing Families
    4) Melatonin
    5) Rusted Wheel

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    • 24 Jun 2007, 19:06
    I think my fav Silversun Pickups song has to be Well Thought Out Twinkles or Common Reactor or Lazy Eye, but I love them all so much! :-S

    Yeah I was fortunate enough to catch them live in a small (too small for a band this good!) club in Glasgow a few weeks ago. They were blindingly amazingly good! It was their first gig in Scotland and were joined onstage for a couple of songs by the Snow Patrol bassist. (He was on guitar though!)
    Oh and I have to mention Chris's amazing drumming style, crazy dude! He was so hypnotic, I must have spent half the gig watching him! What a gig and what a band!

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    • nami_88 escribió...
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    • 28 Jun 2007, 13:23
    i love every single one of their songs, but if i'd have to choose, it'd be future foe scenarios, kissing families and three seed :)

    and no, i've never seen them live :((

    • erb2k915 escribió...
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    • 11 Jul 2007, 2:20
    little lovers so polite

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