Problems connecting to

  • Problems connecting to

    I am trying to connect Spotify with I have followed the instructions to the book, but have got a message at the top of the page. It reads :

    Unable to login to scrobbling server.

    I also get a message when I try to enter my username and password. It says that if I have the capital lock on then I may enter my username and password incorrectly. The problem is that most of my username and password is in upper case. To resolve this I changed my password. When you do this you get a message when you have done this and it says

    That I should change my password in my Audioscrobbler and my client.

    My questions are : Do I have a problem with my account on, or is it because I have not changed the password above and how do I do this ? A dummies type answer to this question please, because i,m lost.

  • Hi,
    I'm having the same problem of being unable to scrobble to from spotify. I"m also getting the, "Unable to login to scrobbling server" on my desktop and "Incorrect Credentials" (followed by a longer message informing me to input my username and password correctly) on my iPhone.

    I've double checked with and I have my username and password correct and case correct.

    Any idea what's up?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Goodearl escribió...
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    • 30 Oct 2011, 12:45
    I had this error for a brief moment as well. I confirmed my passwords for both LFm and Sp and correctly entered my LFm password into Sp and everything started to work again. My passwords are also case sensitive and very long. Something like "I was walking my dog at 420 in the park yesterday and we both stopped by a tree"

    Good luck mates and I hope your issues are only temporary.

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    • pascoal91 escribió...
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    • 12 Dic 2011, 11:37
    Ive also been experiencing this problem for some time now, but after reading these posts and re entering my password and username carefully, it began scrobbling again and even added the cached tracks too. Happy listen guys

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  • pinkpressthreat

    thanks, Goodearl...scrobbling again !!

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  • I'm having this problem too. :/ I know I have the right password (I tried logging in here and it worked) but it's just not working. I've tried to put in my username and password a few times, but it just says the whole unable to connect. -_-

    And my last-fm scrobbler thing says enable scrobbling in spotify's preferences. ://

    EDIT: wait, now the last two songs have showed up. Hmm.

  • That line on top of the new scrobbler is only a reminder, not an actual error message. If you have filled in your login details correctly in the Spotify desktop client under Preferences (saved automatically, no confirmation needed), it should scrobble. See also the new sticky thread in the official for Spotify support group for the app.

    By the way, the latest Spotify beta web player from today is able to scrobble as well, and their mobile phones apps, too.

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