• Nas vs. 9th Wonder

    30 May 2011, 17:25 de brammers56

    I've been a huge 9th Wonder fan for a while now, and over the last few years I've been listening to any instrumental of his I can get my hands on. The dusted-off soul samples with punchy drums does just the trick to get my ears satisfied every listen.
    Every 9th fan will know of his remix project of Nas's album God's Son, entitled "God's Stepson". I decided to mix some new blends for the fans of that project, because the combination of the two is something we are still waiting for on a studio album.

    Download the 8 remixes here: http://www.mediafire.com/?8kww27h0b62ui4f

  • Favourite Albums of 2009

    11 Ene 2010, 17:50 de brammers56

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet again because to be honest, I'm bad at going into great detail, instead I can only state my thoughts that first come to mind.

    It's been a slow year, either that or I've been hiding away too much listening to instrumentals such as Sid Roams' "Strictly Nstrmntl" alongside other 2008 releases. The Snowgoons Instrumental LP was released this year, which kept me occupied for a long time, but when it comes down to full releases, I am only going to name 3 which I have found to be "solid".

    A fair few of you will probably look at this and disagree, naming other releases that could compete with these, but for me they are the only albums I have managed to have a good listen to from start to finish over and over. The charts speak for themselves. Eminem provided one of the first CD's I purchased with The Marshall Mathers LP, so I have been waiting for years for that aggressive Eminem to come back. Relapse did it for me despite the voice that some people dubbed "annoying", which I found instead worked very well with the production, giving some tracks a creepy disturbing feeling and others uplifting bangers. The quality of the album for me has changed the way mainstream albums should sound from now on, because simply put, the quality of the mastering is amazing. On a grittier note, DJ Premier delivered yet again, regardless to whether it's his best work or not, The Blaqprint was sick. I agree that it's not his best work whatsoever, but for it to still be a contender for one of the best albums in 2009, just spells out that the man will never fall off.
    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 has been one of the most anticipated album for a number of years, and I don't really like that because it makes me think I've got to love the album when it comes out. But with this album I can honestly say it is solid from start to finish. Production, rhyming and everything else in between about this album is on point, making me totally forget what year it was.
  • Namedropping on L.A.X

    29 Ago 2008, 21:34 de Infinite2

    All the names The Game dropped on LAX

    Dr. Dre: 6 Times
    Biggie: 6 Times
    Tupac: 5 Times
    Kanye West: 5 Times
    50 Cent/Curtis: 5 Times
    Suge Knight: 4 times
    Jay-Z - 3 Times
    Snoop Dogg: 3 Times
    Lil Wayne: 2 Times
    Ice Cube: 2 Times
    Ludacris: 2 Times
    Mary J Blige: 2 Times
    Rakim: 2 Times
    Diddy: 2 Times

    Big Boi
    Young Jeezy
    Beanie Sigel
    Erick Sermon
    Jazzy Pha
    Scott Storch
    MC Ren
    Young Buck
    Mobb Deep
    Shock G
    Will Smith
    Uncle Luke
    LL Cool J
    Public Enemy
    New Edition
    Naughty By Nature
    Black Rob
    DJ Kool Herc
    DJ Red Alert
    Big Daddy Kane
    Frankie Beverly and Maze
    Bob Marley
    Do Or Die
    Cuban Link

    Lebron James: 2 Times
    Michael Jordan
    Dwight Howard
    Chris Paul
    Tony Parker
    Mike Tyson
    Kobe Bryant
    Venus & Serena Williams
    Paul Pierce

    Jesse Jackson: 2 Times
    Delicious (Flavor Of Love): 2 Times
    Kurt Kobain
    John Lennon
    Don Imus
    Frank Lucas
    Jacob The Jeweler
    Pablo Escobar
    Tyra Banks
    Martha Stewart
    Vanessa Del Rio
    Ronald Raegan
    Jackie Chan
    Rosa Parks
    Martin Luther King
    Bill Gates
    Barack Obama
    Hillary Clinton
    Nelson Mandela
    Coretta Scott

    Bonus CD:

    Ellen Degeneras
    Irv Gotti
    Junior M.A.F.I.A
    Fat Joe
    michael vick
    Lil' Wayne
    Ja Rule
    Cool & Dre
    Suge Knight
    Tony Yayo
    Mariah Carey
    Flo Rida
    Bow Wow
    Chuck Taylor
    kenneth mcgriff
    Sean Bell
    Mario Winans
    John Gotti
    Dr Dre
    Vicente Fernandez
    Eric Estrada
    Jay-Z & Beyonce
    Mariah Carey
    Janet Jackson
    Jermaine Dupri
    Bow Wow
    50 Cent
    Brown Sugar
    Kevin Federline
    Britney Spears
    The View
    Keyshia Cole
  • 50 Cent wird Filmproduzent

    23 Ene 2008, 14:52 de Kreuzberg1984

    50 Cent vertreibt als fleißiger Geschäftsmann neben seiner Musik auch Mineralwasser, Kleidung, Videospiele… Und seit Neuestem will der Rapper nun auch ins Filmgeschäft einsteigen. Im Juni 2006 verfilmte Jackson Curtis bereits seine Biografie “Get Rich Or Die Tryin”, in der er seine dunkle Vergangenheit verbildlicht hatte. Dies scheint 50 Cent so gut gefallen zu haben, dass er nun seine eigene Filmfirma gründen wird. Sein Manager Chris Lighty und der Produzent Randell Emmett werden 50 Cent bei seinem Vorhaben unterstützen. Die Firma soll schon dieses Jahr an den Start gehen.

    50 Cent

    The Massacre
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
    Guess Who's Back Again

    In Da Club
    Candy Shop
    I Get Money

    Chrome Dreams
    Select-O-Hits, Inc.

  • BET Hip Hop Awards Winners 2007

    17 Oct 2007, 18:59 de Alin15

    BET Hip Hop Awards winners for 2007 are:

    Best Producer: Timbaland
    Best Collabo: UGK featuring Atlanta’s Outkast, “International Players Anthem
    Best Movie: “Stomp The Yard”
    Best Dance:Crank Dat Soulja Boy” Atlanta’s Soulja Boy

    Lyricist of the Year: Common
    Video Director of the Year: Part-time Atlantan Hype Williams

    Track of the Year:Party Like a Rockstar” Atlanta’s Shop Boyz
    CD of the Year: Common, “Finding Forever” and T.I., “T.I. vs. T.I.P.

    Best U.K. Hip-Hop Act: Kano
    Best Live Performance: Kanye West

    MVP: Lil Wayne
    DJ of the Year: DJ Khaled

    Hustler of the Year: 50 Cent
    Best Ringtone:Big Things Poppin’T.I.
    People’s Champ:Stuntin’ Like My DaddyBirdman and Lil Wayne
    Best Video:StrongerKanye West
  • Top 5 Rappers (Alive)

    7 Oct 2007, 3:31 de EdG810

    These are not my top 5 "Favorite" rappers, but real recognize real they are at least IMO the best right now. BTW this is no bullshit MTV hottest rappers list.

    5. Ghostface Killah - Probably the most consistent member in the Wu-tang Clan. This man has dropped 2 hands down classic albums (Ironman & Supreme Clientele). And at his old age he is still spiting a lot better than most of the new clowns out right now that are fucking up the game.

    4. Jay-Z - Even tho I liked Kingdom Come, most of his fans didn't connect with the album. Maybe he would've been better of not putting it out. I mean Black Album was the perfect retirement album. It's (at least in my eyes) a classic and in his top 3 albums. What really makes Jay-Z interesting tho is that now he is releasing another album "American Gangster". Blue Magic is at least 10 times better than Show Me What You Got. We'll have to wait and see how the movie inspired album turns out.

    3. Talib Kweli - Like Jay-Z Talib Kweli dropped an album that failed to connect with his fans "Beautiful Struggle". Despite the negative reviews, Talib Kweli served his fans with the well received, "Right About Now", and more recently the classic, "Eardrum". "Eardrum" and "Quality" are easily his best albums, so thats why he is on the list. This far into his career this cat can still make a classic album, drop gems like "Hostile Gospel" and radio friendly tracks like "Hot Thing" w/o selling out.

    2. Jadakiss - He could be #1, but he chooses not to. He has more than enough potential to make a classic album, but he chooses not to. This nigga could take you apart in 3 minutes, ask 50 Cent. His beef with Beans is probably one of the most underrated battles ever. Kiss came hard as hell (no homo) on a fucking Techno beat! "Top 5 dead or alive and thats just of 1 LP".

    1. Nas - He is a living legend man. 1st Lp is a classic and one of the best Hip-Hop albums ever period. 2nd Lp is another classic, and his breakthrough album. Nas is probably the only rapper to shine over a 2Pac beat unlike Jay-Z that when given the opportunity makes a corny ass song. His career started to fall after I Am... but he made a major comeback on the classic Stillmatic. He "Ethered" the shit out of Jay-Z at the peak of his career. What was impressive about that comeback was that you wouldn't have expected it. Jay fucked his wife, and that right there could've done it for him. add to that Nastradamus was poorly received. Nas could've broke under the pressure, but this dude came back with one of the hardest disses in Hip-Hop. More recently the instant classic "Hip-Hop is Dead" managed to do impressive numbers in a time of horrible Hip-Hop sales. Hopefully we have a new album coming soon.

    Honorable Mention -

    Eminem (his early work is great but his career has taken a fucking nosedive)

    Prodigy of Mobb Deep (Same as eminem)

    Andre 3000 (He is talented, he would have probably made the top 10)

    Common (his last album was amazing, he also stole Kanyes best beats def top 10)

    Joe Budden (ok so his album isn't anything classic, but his 2 mixtapes are, this kid is the future of Hip-Hop)

    Blackthought (Same as Andre)

    GZA & Raekwon (They are probably lyrically better than ghostface, but ghost career has been more consistent)

    Kool G Rap Rakim, And Big Daddy Kane are retired, but they are all time greats.

    and no Kanye West...he is too fucking overrated, U mad?
  • The Underappreciated Rappers

    27 Ago 2007, 2:48 de NJRock

    This is a Journal about underappreciated rappers, ones who don't get what they deserve.

    Chamillionaire is what I would describe as an underappreciated rapper. That is because although he gets props for being one of the best in the mixtape circuit, his first studio album was given much disapproval by many hip-hop heads. The Sound of Revenge was actually, in my opinion, the second best album, under the sophmore effort, Late Registration, by critically acclaimed rapper, Kanye West. Though many non hip-hop heads loved the Billboard, chart-topper, "Ridin'", the rhymeslinger was labeled instead of a lyrical genius, for which he was better suited, a fellow killer of hip-hop. Due to it's major commercial appeal, the album was labeled as crap material without a good listen. , however, on the LP, prove this wrong. Such tracks include the soulful "Void in my Life", the dark tale, "Think I'm Crazy", and the insightful "Rain". Now Chamillionaire will come even harder with a record void of tracks that deal with cursing, or tracks that lack message. As 'Ultimate Victory' approaches, Chamillionaire will slowly gain his well-deserved respect, but until then, he is underappreciated.

    Obie Trice is completely underappreciated as an artist. Many know him only as "That Guy Down With Eminem". Although not nearly as talented as his mentor, its a hard shadow to live up to and it makes him seem very miniscule. On the contrary, Obie has a lot to offer. On his smash debut, Cheers, Obie proved his worth, but no one saw him do it. The track "Never Forget Ya" shows his deep sentimentality over dead friends. "Follow My Life" is a recap on some of his life and yet Obie has a less soft side. He comes hard on the Ja Rule diss tracks, "Outro", "Shit Hits The Fan", and "We All Die One Day". Yet Obie was outdone when his mentor "murdered him on his own shit", not once, but four times. Maybe this was the reason it didn't get its props or maybe it was because he was outdone by the hooks done by the crooning of legend, Nate Dogg or the masterful beats of top notch producers, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, and Eminem. But on his second album, when these attributes weren't visible, Obie got less attention for a great album, Second Round's on Me. He did almost as well, and more time to shine when given cameos by inferior rappers, only two hookmen, Lyfe Jennings and Akon, and less well-done beats. Yet he still wasn't given any props. Obie Trice deserves props, and he just may never get it. Obie Trice made a record for the first artist on Shady Records to not be meritted platinum status despite what he deserves.

    Maybe these two will get their props, and although both have platinum certifications under their belts, its simply not enough.
  • R-Mean Group!

    17 Abr 2007, 14:59 de Tuplad

    I've just made a group dedicated to R-Mean :)

  • Tony Yayo Faces Life in Jail After 50 Cent Snitched on Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 Abr 2007, 5:18 de EdG810018

    50 Cent was braging about sleeping with Ciara, and Bow Wow catches feelings and responds in a radio interview with "G-unot!!!". Yayo sees him on the street and alegedly screamed "Here we go now!!!!" and then proceeded to smack Bow Wow. Bow wow claims he also touched him in areas he'd rather not say. Yayo was seen running in NY streets while waveing his hand in front of his face, and running from the police. 50 alegedly snitched on Yayo's hide out. Yayo now faces child molestion charges, and assult among other charges. Bow Wow was questioned as to what exacly Marvin Bernard Had Done to him.

    "He kept waving his hand in front of his face and asking me the same retared question" said Bow Wow while crying

    "What did Mr. Bernard ask you?"

    "AHHHH Nigga Do You.....Know What This is?", a terrefied Bow Wow responded.

    Yayo Will be on trial on the 27th.

    But now you need to know the real punch line. Today is April 1st which is what? Don't be dumb and believe everything you read on the internet everyone. So to finish this insane rumor, it's all complete bullshit and have a good April Fool's day fuckers.

  • *** Writer's Block Pt. 4 ***

    8 Feb 2007, 2:59 de EdG810018

    J.R. Writer from the Diplomats is back with volume 4 to the Writer's Block Series.

    | 01| J.R. Writer - Live From The Kitchen | 01:42 |
    | 02| J.R. Writer - Critically Acclaimed | 03:01 |
    | 03| J.R. Writer - I'm A Hustler | 03:23 |
    | 04| J.R. Writer - You Don't Know Me | 02:55 |
    | 05| J.R. Writer - Get Em | 03:44 |
    | 06| J.R. Writer - Switch It Up (feat. Hell Rell) | 02:42 |
    | 07| J.R. Writer - Skit | 02:42 |
    | 08| J.R. Writer - What Set You Claim | 02:59 |
    | 09| J.R. Writer - Over Drive (feat. 40 Cal.) | 03:40 |
    | 10| J.R. Writer - Back In The Lab | 02:16 |
    | 11| J.R. Writer - In My Zone (feat. Hell Rell) | 03:14 |
    | 12| J.R. Writer - Cover Shot (feat. Fred Money) | 02:09 |
    | 13| J.R. Writer - Freestyle | 02:49 |
    | 14| J.R. Writer - Kill Em Everytime | 02:36 |
    | 15| J.R. Writer - I Gotta Make It | 02:36 |
    Total Time: | 42:28 min|