If you could suggest ONE artist you feel people haven't heard of before what would…

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    • 29 Jul 2011, 22:59

    If you could suggest ONE artist you feel people haven't heard of before what would it be (and why)?


    The man is a musical production master and truly underrated Live act (seen him twice). If you're into any form of electronic music (downtempo, bass, world music) I would definitely suggest his newest album 'Broken Soul Jamboree' for a truly out this world experience.

    Tipper - 2010 - Broken Soul Jamboree

    Some of his other great albums are:

    Surrounded (if you can get it in 5.1...highly recommended)

    Tip-Hip - for those that like Hip-Hop and a more 'upbeat' TIpper.

    And for you 'dubsteppers' his album from 2008 'Wobble Factor' will shake your fried brain twice over..

    All his other releases are definitely worth looking into as well...the man is one of the most consistent artists out there and I've always been amazed how little recognition he gets.

  • Nujabes

    He died a while back, so he'll likely never get too famous. He was one of those low-key hip hop producers that was more concerned with making great music than making money. He'd fit right in with artists like Madlib and DJ Shadow, but because he's Japanese most of his music missed the underground hip hop scene and ended up on anime soundtracks instead. He was a true pioneer who did more for the advancement of the genre than the vast majority of American artists. If you're not a fan of hip hop music I'd still suggest giving this guy a go if only because of how jazzy and soulful his music can be.

    This kind've reads like an elegy, but oh well. The best place to start would be with his Modal Soul and Metaphorical Music albums, but he had a few other compilation albums out too before he passed away.

  • Seapony

    Awesome for fans of Beach House.

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    • 2 Ago 2011, 5:48

    Surfer Blood

    indie rock with some elements of punk, They did a cover of Territorial Pissings by Nirvana for the spin tribute album. Thats how I discovered them.

  • Wye Oak

  • Emancipator

    Great, melodic Drum 'n Bass/Hiphop. Very calm, too. Not sure if you can find many YouTube videos of him though. But he's great, really.

    • Zactar escribió...
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    • 25 Ene 2012, 5:41

    Wolf Parade

    (Wolf Parade)

    Indie rock with an emphasis on intricate soundscapes, and quite honestly the most talented artists I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. Separately as Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs, songwriters Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner are strong and supremely talented, but when they write together as Wolf Parade it makes for something magical.

    Off of their first album, my personal favorite, but a tad less accessible to some than their later work:
    I'll Believe in Anything

    Final, 10-minute epic closer from their second album, in which they somehow manage to make every moment sonically engaging without a second of filler:
    Kissing the Beehive

  • sakti


    Sakti is an electronic music producer from DC. In High School Sakti learned to play all types of saxophone, alto, tenor and baritone. This lead to him teaching himself guitar and ultimately Reason. He is described as an ambient dance producer. He does not believe in profiting from his music production and provides all his music free to the world on soundcloud.com.

    Not famous at all, but he puts out awesome ambient music.


    Check out my ambient project: The Mist of Dawn
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    • 28 Ene 2012, 19:08
    Tigers Jaw.

    Indie / Punk / Emo.

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    • 30 Ene 2012, 18:51
    Gavin Coetzee


    I saw one of his performances in Cape Town - now we regularly go surfing. Both albums are available for free download on Last.fm (Gavin Coetzee) and from his site.

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    • 11 Feb 2012, 19:15

    Progressive Metal Band, From Scotland.

    Self Titled EP & a 2nd EP on iTunes called Poseidon.

    If you decide to listen to them & like them.
    Listen to the whole Poseidon EP from start to finish, It's superb.

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    • 12 Feb 2012, 23:10

    • FalcoLX escribió...
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    • 13 Feb 2012, 2:51
    Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

    Noise rock, doom metal, shoegaze, Chinese folk? crazy mix of genres with something for everyone. Some similarities to the band Have a Nice Life.


  • Mutyumu

    Post-rock/Black Metal/Classical/Jpop
    Clusterfuck of several genres..in a good way. Also their pianist is godlike.

    • Anand12 escribió...
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    • 17 Feb 2012, 19:54
    The. Antlers. Hospice. Too stoned to provide a link. Listen to that album. Please. That is one of the BEST fuckin albums ever made.

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    • 18 Feb 2012, 22:11
    Tiger Lou, probably the best indie/post rock-ish artist to ever come out of Sweden.

  • Black Joe Lewis and The Honey Bears

  • thomasroorda said:

    Damn right.

    Hot Chip. Don't know how well people know this English electro band, but they're really great nonetheless. Check out Over and Over, One Life Stand and Ready for the Floor.

    Your average, ordinary super-human...
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    • 15 Mar 2012, 10:45
    Tame Impala.

    If John Lennon were still alive and kicking in with The Who, and CREAM. This band is amazing Nostalgia throwback to 60's and 70's Psychedelic Rock. Also the music video's kick a ton of ass. Innervision dropped in 2010 and they've supposedly got a new album dropping mid Summer this year.

    Expectation -

    Half Full Glass of Wine -

    Solitude is Bliss -

    Lucidity -

    • cleeshay escribió...
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    • 18 Mar 2012, 2:33


    If you like rap that is y'know, good and stuff.

    The Great Debater is excellent, but all of his stuff is good whether it's his 3 Day High project with 9th Wonder, or his first studio LP, etc.

    I told you in '96 that I came to take this shit, and I did
    handle my biz, I scramble like Randall with his,
    Cunningham, but the only thing runnin' is numbers fam,
    Jigga held you down for six summers, damn...
  • John Maus

    John Maus


    weirdo 80s synth pop revivalist - has worked with ariel pink quite a bit.

    too many hads
    • ajleece escribió...
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    • 25 Mar 2012, 23:05
    Die! Die! Die!

    Amazing noise-punk.

  • The Chevin.

    Great Indie band, with an amazing singer.

    • gadabyte escribió...
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    • 31 Mar 2012, 15:08

    Scott H Biram

    Scott H. Biram

    dude can write, he can play, and he's got soul. AND he puts on a kickass live show. seriously, go see him.

  • Scale the Summit they will blow your mind

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