Long Live Psytrance

  • Long Live Psytrance

    Hi. I'm Sam.
    I've returned to listening to Last.fm after a long, long doldrums listening to my own library, which I've populated with mainstream progressive trance (my tastes don't rise above Dutch-dance, really). But it's all good.
    On some days, I still think Armin may be Orpheus (his use of the vocal instrument is legendary).
    But, I'm back to what I first discovered on Last.fm. Long Live Psytrance.

    I need some input. I've fleshed out a sound, which I cannot describe, but for which I would really like to get the Dharma of some terminology.

    I input "progressive psytrance" into the the old plugola, and when the scrobbler can make heads of what I want to hear, I'm finding I really like
    <Zen Mechanics + FREq + Protonica + (1/2) Vaishiyas> = <Sam's Sound>.
    This list is just the last four "favorites" I made which all have elements of the sound I like to hear.

    Last.fm does not seem to like the tag "Progressive Psytrance" for some reason.

    What, pray-tell, am I listening to.

    Sam l’écrivisse.
  • Here's What's Up:

    Oh, and I feel confident telling this group that I had to ban Agalactica within two bars, seriously. "Monochrome Rainbow Pixie" is an auditory assault of the most vicious calibre.
    But, being familiar with 1200 Mcg + Infected Mushroom with a heavy dose of Cosmosis and an equal part of what the Swedes are doing, I'd say that's close.

    What, pray-tell, am I listening to?

    Sam l’écrivisse.
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