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    • 14 Dic 2008, 16:50

    Genesis vs. Yes

    A battle between two prog legends from the 70s.
    I prefer Genesis, because it was the band that introduced me to progressive rock. But Yes is great too.

  • Yes

    don't care for Genesis, Gabriel's voice bugs me in a way i can't fully explain

  • Yes... Genesis has their masterpieces but an average Yes album is usually lot more solid than the ultimate Genesis albums. And I don't like Hackett's guitar sound at all. Yes is more organic a band and then there's Howe, my favourite guitarist of all times.

    If someone dares to say that prog's not the most advanced form of art that our planet has ever experienced, it's pure herecy. Or is it?
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    • 24 Dic 2008, 4:24
    to me, it's more like Hackett & How. I got started in loving with Steve Hackett's always weird sound and wild imagination. but Steve Howe's consistent talent comes gradually but yeah, I agree solid. it's hard not to be moved by Howe's passion towards his music sound. Now I love Howe more than Hachett. and Howe is my favourite guitarist of all times too.

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    • 24 Dic 2008, 7:34
    Not even a close call.
    Yes for Yes, and No for Genesis.
    Yes was clearly superior to Genesis on all instruments.

  • Steve Howe is one of the most talented guitarists of the rock era. Hackett's sound may not be very tolerable, i do agree. But on the other hand, Selling England By The Pound album of Genesis is a classy masterpiece which is equalant to Sheakespeare's books in the literal world

  • Yes wins this battle. I love Genesis too though. And if there IS an ultimate battle then it's King Crimson versus... hmm. Not sure. King Crimson wins whatever THAT battle is

  • I pick Yes, I grew up listening to them, amazing band
    I only like Genesis with Peter Gabriel :)

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    • 16 Mar 2009, 22:24

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  • Yes had there seriously kickass period from the yes album to relayer then failure : SO GENESIS: its a british thing and alot of people dont get it. I do agree that es are better musicians, but as history shows that doesnt always mean much.

    Suht Duh Fuhck Uhp An GEhmme Uh Soduh
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    • 14 Jul 2009, 17:56
    I must say Genesis,the Peter Gabriel era was really great

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    • 15 Jul 2009, 19:49
    As much as I love Genesis, it has to be Yes. There's a reason why Roger Dean's Relayer is framed on my wall...

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    • 27 Jul 2009, 23:38

    Genesis vs Yes

    I've been a Yes fan for years but I've been exploring Genesis lately. I prefer the post P.G. lineup even it's not really prog. Wind & Wuthering and Duke have been nice additions to my library.

  • I Like both, but i prefer Yes...
    Rick Wakeman is God

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    • 19 Ago 2009, 21:09
    Yes might have been the more virtuoso band, but Genesis wrote better songs.
    Yes tickles my brain, Genesis touches my heart.

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    • 21 Ago 2009, 1:13
    Damn... Love'em both but.... Genesis has such amazing compositions and so does Yes. Both has amazing musicians.... OK, maybe I would pick Genesis for like a very very small percentage difference :)))

  • I think it's hard to choose beetwen Yes and Genesis, but if I could buy only one CD I'd pick YES :D

  • Genesis for sure...

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    • 11 Sep 2009, 12:47

  • Whereas Yes put the focus more to individual playing skills, like the virtuoso skills of Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman, Genesis focused more on songwriting. I'd say a good written is better than a song with over-the-top instrumentals, but with no direction at all(in comparison).
    That being said, I still consider Yes a great band.

  • if today i listen prog ...

    is because genesis songs in era gabriel , just are incredible!
    only this


    muitos sao bons, mas poucos sao FODOES ^^
    • RbS escribió...
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    • 15 Oct 2009, 12:02
    better songwriting, better lyrics
    both are great bands anyway

    • DunHout escribió...
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    • 26 Oct 2009, 21:24
    Genisis is boring and poppy.

  • I like both but if I had to decide, I'd go with Genesis.

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  • This is a really hard decision, as both put out some amazing albums in the 70's. I'd say that Yes wins out by just a hair though.

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