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Progressive Music

progressive music is the name given to a certain approach to musical composition that has been applied to several different music genres. one way the term has been applied is to subgenres that have evolved from their root genre by innovating, either through incorporating instruments from other genres or using new techniques within the framework provided by the instrumentation of the root genre to make a new or crossover style. another is in reference to a gradual build-up of energy within progressive music track or throughout an album.

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AOR - Adult Orientated Rock, Art Rock, Avant-Progressive Rock / Avant-Prog, Brutal Prog, Canterbury, Chord Progression, Cprog, Italian Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Math Rock, Neo-Progressive Rock / Neo-Prog, New Prog, Noise Rock, Progg, Progressive Bluegrass, Progressive Country, Progressive Electronic Music, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock / Prog / Progrock, Progressive Trance, Post-Rock, RIO - Rock in Opposition, Space Rock, Symphonic Rock, Zappaesk Music, Zeuhl

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