A song that makes you think to PoP

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    • 23 Ago 2008, 20:47

    A song that makes you think to PoP

    Have you got any song that reminds you of any chapter of the series? I think that Nightwish' s Crownless perfectly fits The Two Thrones:

    Crownless again shall be the queen
    Trophy on her grave still remains unseen
    A boat on the river confessing the sins
    The Riddler revealing the deep hidden things

    Crownless again shall be the king
    A gull covered in oil with a broken wing
    A hitcher on a road alone and lost
    Iron sharpens iron... - a truth that once was

    Mine is the Earth and the sword in the stone
    Mine is the throne for the idol
    One fleeting moment and it is all gone
    Crownless again
    Will I fall?

    Roaming on razor-sharp castles
    Ruling all but myself
    (Now my night is laid to sleep)

    One fragrant rose worth ten times what I am
    A crippled begging a coin braver than I ever was
    Reflection from me-Devil dressed in white
    Chasten the being
    Become what I once was

    Mine is the Earth...

    Maybe someday I will make a VGMV about it...

    Never sigh for better world
    It's already composed, played and told
    Every thought the music I write
    Everything a wish for the night
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    • 27 Ago 2008, 16:24
    Samael - Reign of Light

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    • 14 Oct 2008, 2:17
    Mikro - Netrino
    Mikro - Saxara
    these two are quite similar to the music of the game... whoever wants them, send me a pm ;-)

  • ten thousand fists

    ten thousand fists (made by disturbed)
    is one of the best songs I've ever listened
    it makes me think of pop everytime i hear itTen Thousand Fists

    <img src="http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/6099/bannerujt.jpg"; alt="200" border="0" width="400" height="160">
  • I stand Alone

    I Stand Alone (made by Godsmack)

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    • 8 Ago 2009, 9:58
    Dope - Addiction , but only the intro part

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    • 9 Ago 2009, 11:21
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    • 11 Dic 2009, 5:58
    Wow. I was expecting that nobody but me would associate PoP wit disturbed and godsmack. I say "I'm Alive", "land of confusion" and "Liberate" from disturbed and "straight out of line," and "faceless" from Godsmack.

    also Chu Shen Ru Hua by a chinese band called Farenhiet. dont ask why.

  • Since I played PoP:SoT as a kid, Linkin Park's song - "Pushing me away" always makes me think about this game. I do not know why, yet.

  • straight out of line & i stand alone are the 2 songs that make me think of PoP .. and replay the games ^_^

  • The Ravens by Tristania ALWAYS reminds me of Prince of Persia The Two Thrones.

  • The already mentioned "Straight out of Line" and "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack for the Sands of Time trilogy
    "What Have You Done" by Within Temptation always makes me think of PoP 2008 when listening to it

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    • 27 Feb 2011, 18:14
    I stand alone.

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