If you like postsecret...

  • If you like postsecret...

    you might like my new letter writing project.

    basically you write a letter, about whatever it is you want. You can share a secret, poem, movie, book, a love, a hate, anything you want. you are only limited to your own creativity.

    this idea was sort of inspired by postsecret. you send the letter in to a po box, and then they are all read and matched up to a different person based on content. your reply comes from the po box, so its like sending a secret it, and then having a reply.

    i think this idea could really be big, i really think this could help people. Its kind of like an interactive journal.

    please just check out the site, im sure you will find something you like. if you do, add the myspace so that when there is enough interest, i can announce the po box.



    "there were never any good old days: there is today, there is tomorrow."
    • xRedon escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 23 Sep 2008, 7:38
    I'm encouraged to do this simply because a second before I started watching the 'How Does It Work?' video, Postcards From Italy started playing on my iTunes while it was on shuffle.

    Perhaps it's a sign.

    PS: I like the idea a lot.

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