as individul genres. ok, but what about combining them? :->

  • as individul genres. ok, but what about combining them? :->

    i'm in love with stuff like ephel duath, oxbow, neurosis.. and others

  • Im my view the more different elements music combines the more interesting it becomes!
    Even if it does not fit that good in this group I name Opeth as an example. I LOVE this band! Especially the growling. But I only love the growling because there is also clean singing. I can't stand those typical death metal bands...Opeth combines progressive elements with death metal and so their music is very varied and in my view a lot more pretentious. This is what makes me like it much!

  • try.. ephel duath for example.. black-jazz-prog

  • Ok, I'll give it a listen.

    What did you wanted by opening up this thread? I haven't understood that. Recommendations of band combining differen genres or just what I told before: my opinion on band combining genres?

  • recommendations.. maybe? and opinions are welcome too :P

  • Hm...I'd say Oceansize is progressive rock with some post-rock elements.

    • Boggy_B escribió...
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    • 24 Sep 2007, 12:32
    If it comes to combining different musical styles in one band I'ld recommend for example Diablo Swing Orchestra. They play a very nice mixture of swing, jazz and prog metal.

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  • They're weird but good =]

  • dillinger escape plan

  • well, i wouldn't mind checking out new avant-garde shit

    • Boggy_B escribió...
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    • 6 Ene 2008, 19:06
    I like the combination of different genres. Well, not every time but often, I'd say.
    Actually I want to also recommend Estradasphere and Mr. Bungle. Really weird ones, yes, but I like them. =)

    "The most. You ever lost. On a coin toss."
  • know both of them. mr bungle and all of mike pattons bands are great

    • 4m0rph15 escribió...
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    • 13 Feb 2008, 16:37
    hi. here is one of my favourite record from the previous year, I think you must give it a try.

    "Katsuhiko Maeda, the brain behind World's End Girlfriend, has done it again, this time more graceful and intricate than ever before. His Hurtbreak Wonderland is an eclectic journey through genres, where instruments complement each other in creating the most bizarre and cinematic soundscapes imaginable. From saxophone to harp, this album seems to encompass every quirky sound available, spinning each into a new and magical experience. As it manages to construct an extremely layered and challenging atmosphere without losing focus, Hurtbreak Wonderland doesn't quite sound like a musical effort, but rather an artistic accomplishment.
    (Diana Sitaru)"

    if you like it and took it you are ready for his previus one, The Lie Lay Land, which is even better imo.
    my job is done here. :)

    • JunkBot escribió...
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    • 26 Mar 2008, 11:17
    Maybe Maudlin of the Well or Kayo Dot. Jazz/ doom/ experimental

  • Kayo/Maudlin, I would agree ...that's definitely worth a listen!!

    also This album here, it's Experimental/Progressive/Jazz/Ambient stuff....hard to describe I think...
    Try this track for example:
    Get me the Apothecary

    -the Apothecary
  • Jazz Thrash Assassin

    mix jazz wit death metal

  • Well, I do think combinations are good, but there has to be a limit. I mean, some genres just don't sound good together with smoe others.
    Personally I don't like the metal anymore (had my time :P), but coming into post-rock, for example, I love the mix with shoegaze, experimental, ambient, space, minimal or jazz. Those are the genres that can make a beautiful post-rock song IMHO.
    So yes, combining genres is great, you just have to use common sense and not combine two very weird things and make a very creepy song. ;D

  • Fantômas is good. Mr. Bungle aswell.

    I also used to have a band that mixed prog metal and post-rock. I'm not sure I have any recordings though.

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  • Shining is down that strain of Mike Pattonesqe Jazz/Metal/Avante stuff, I'm surprised they're not more popular

    Thrones is pretty sweet too

    • Jiddles escribió...
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    • 30 Mar 2009, 16:50
    heavyrocks said:
    Shining is down that strain of Mike Pattonesqe Jazz/Metal/Avante stuff, I'm surprised they're not more popular

    Thrones is pretty sweet too

    I will check this out.

    • bmezine escribió...
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    • 19 May 2009, 13:21
    try 2 listen some of John Zorn project ( naked city - jazz+grindcore \ Jazz Thrash Assassin metal+jaz+exp and etc.)

    • maze4lab escribió...
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    • 29 Oct 2009, 22:53
    Panzerballett (Jazz-Metal with weird rhythms and ingenious "cover" versions of favourite tunes like The Simpsons)

    miRthkon (Free Jazz + Metal)

    Stolen Babies (for those who like the Diablo Swing Orchestra)

    Unexpect (Black Metal combined with almost every style: Jazz, Swing, Polka, Tango, Electronica, Gothic,....)

    In my opinion Jazz and Metal fit quite well (-:

    • Toblubb escribió...
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    • 11 Nov 2009, 21:59
    Le Scrawl - they're a german band mixing grindcore with ska.
    i think it's quite entertaining

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