Albums similar to 'Pornography'?

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    • 13 May 2007, 20:08

    Albums similar to 'Pornography'?

    I myself could not even think of one album that sounds like pornography, and i was wondering if you guys know any album/music/artists that sound like pornography. If so, Please tell me!

  • I don't know if these sound similar, exactly, but they conjure a similar mood.

    Swans - Children of God

    I've never heard an album just as desolate and crushing as this. Except for, of course, Pornography.

    Joy Division - Closer

    But you probably already knew this, didn't you?

    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Juju

    Really quite grotesque. Probably what you're looking for.

    Slowdive - Souvlaki

    Really different. Different from the above three anyway. Give it a try.

    That's really all that I can think of. I'm sure that I could scrounge up a few more if pressed, but I don't want to dilute the list.

    Hope this helps.

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    • 20 May 2007, 11:52
    i will check all these albums out

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    • 20 May 2007, 20:38

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    • 22 May 2007, 23:43
    You could try:
    Virgin Prunes - If I Die, I die
    Modern English - Mesh and Lace
    Iggy Pop - The Idiot (a lot darker than Closer!!)

    Neither of them is as dark or as brilliant as Pornography though..

    The Future Is So Bright, I've Gotta Wear Shades
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    • 31 May 2007, 13:24
    thanks for the recommendations, i will check them out soon.

  • Thematically Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral is a definite match: self-loathing, destructive, nihilistic.

    though musically they don't share much other than the fact they're both fucking amazing.

    One Odd Octopus at
    I know stuff about Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Kate Bush, Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails.

    Twist and Turn, Burn, Burn, Burn!
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    • 12 Ago 2007, 8:35
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    • 16 Oct 2007, 21:22
    Have you listened to Cocteau Twins? i have just discovered them myself, but they sure are great ^^

    All the playing's stopped in the playground now
    She wants to play with her toys a while.
    And school's out early and soon we'll be learning
    And the lesson today is how to die.
    And then the bullhorn crackles,
    And the captain crackles,
    With the problems and the how's and why's.
    And he can see no reasons
    'Cause there are no reasons
    What reason do you need to die?
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    • 19 Oct 2007, 12:42
    Yes cocteau twins rule my socks off.

  • Joy Division - Unknown pleasure

    The Chameleons - Script of the bridge

    Bahuaus - In the flat field

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    • 21 Feb 2008, 21:15
    Nothings darker than Closer. Pornography is just as dark as Closer, or maybe a bit brighter... I don't know, yet.

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    • 3 Abr 2008, 12:59

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    • 3 May 2008, 18:45
    "Third" by Portishead somehow reminds me of Pornography. Even though the instrumentation is very different, it has the same driving rhythms and the same panic/depression/anger/alienation atmosphere. It's also very very good.

  • PIL & The Cure

    well, I can't believe that no one has put in the list Flowers of Romance by Public Image Ltd. They're both dark and experimental and the particular use of the drums connect the two records in many ways. To be honest I would not be surprised to hear that Robert Smith was influenced by Lydon & Co.

    My 25000 track was The Great Wide Open by Funeral For A Friend
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    • 20 Dic 2008, 14:53
    maybe "Closer" by Joy Division and "the Downward Spiral" by Nine Inch Nails when we talked about dark, despair, intensity, sadness, madness, violence... But to me pornography is simply unique !!!

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