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I despise the idea of all of 'em; being segregated -or- separated so extensively.. so here there is.. THE group. Espec. for those folks who like 'em, and always been putting them in the same...

in the same basket, right on from the start. I know I do, If you don't like it, it's OK. But don't get angry cuz I know a lot of people DOES. Just look around, just to find there are so much of music snobness and snob-erity lying around, everywhere.

Just to make it clear; here's an excerpt taken from here :

" Contemporary Folk refers to post-Bob Dylan folk singer/songwriters of the 70s and beyond. Prior to Dylan, most folk performers interpreted classic folk songs or wrote broad-based, topical songs. After Dylan, folk singers changed their approach. Not only did their music open up, accepting certain pop/rock production techniques and instrumentation, but their songs became increasingly introspective, concentrating on the personal instead of the social. In the decades to follow, contemporary folk singers sometimes crossed over into the pop mainstream, but their sound stayed rooted in folk traditions and they tended to frequent their own circles, releasing albums on independent labels and playing folk clubs and coffee houses. "

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  • ffalk

    Fans of weird and eldritch folk: The new Cinema of Spirits-album Never mind the Skinflicks is out on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon UK/Europe and US. Folk album of the year, I swear!

    24 Dic 2013 Responder
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