Steerable recommendations - "The radio server is refusing connections."

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    • 6 Nov 2008, 13:00

    Steerable recommendations - "The radio server is refusing connections."


    I'm really happy with the new steerable recommendations feature on playground but unfortunately it's not working for me.

    I use iScrobbler instead of the official client. iScrobbler plays radio stations using itunes. Whenever I click to listen to the radio stations on steerable it launches iTunes through iScrobbler and I get this error message that says:

    iTunes received an error attempting to play the station: "The radio Server is refusing connections."

    Is it not working because it is not supposed to work on other scrobblers, or is anyone getting the same error even with the official client?

    Edit: It also happens when I'm trying to listen to radio stations on the Multi-Tag search feature, is this a general bug or is it really not possible to use playground features with other scrobblers?

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    • 7 Nov 2008, 15:08
    Unfortunately iScrobbler is a third-party software and it is not officially supported by The members of the iScrobbler group can probably tell you more; I think the reason why those links do not work for you is that these are not "real" radio stations but a stream of track previews for the artists on the result list. Chances are that track preview streams are not supported by iScrobbler.

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