People from the sea

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for everybody who was born somewhere next to an ocean or feels that it is the right place

Video: "On" by Aphex Twin

Every place has something special. It can be Berlin, Paris, London and similar. A lot of groups were made for cities like them. It is quite interesting that most people travel to an ocean for vacation or holidays.

When you come to the coast, you will feel this magic inside of you that comes from the water. You will feel roots inside of you. You want to swim, you want to sail away, you want to party with your best friends, or you just want to sit down to relax from the everyday chaos that big cities bring. You will feel freedom. You will enjoy your time. You can breathe again. You have the time for thinking and the best conversations. You want to play. You want to be a child again.

You feel the power of the nature. You will feel how strong the wind is here. One day the water is calm, another day it can be very dangerous. Not everybody is born to sail to the sea. Not everybody is born to live surrounded by the water on a small island. The sea has 1000 of different faces. It is a sensitive place that shows you directly how mother nature suffers from us.

I started this group because I want to present this feeling inside of us. When you listen to some artists, you can sometimes say: That is Berlin. So there must be another special style for us. When so many people feel so deep emotions at the beach, this must be good. Let´s see what it is.

It can be every place where you feel the close ocean, no matter if it is a big city or just one house and landscape as far as your eyes can see.

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