• More Humane Meat Industry

    It's unfortunate that our economic system is capitalism, which I won't rant on, but with that system comes the opportunity for consumers to enact change in industries.

    I'm sure most of you have seen of the horros that happen in the meat industry everyday. Chickens bred so fat their legs break, crowded into the dank dark with millions of others. Cows which are often not slaughtered as quick and painlessly as the industry claims. I think it's horrible that these animals are forced to live in these conditions, ultimately headed for our plates.

    That doesn't mean I don't like meat, because I LOVE it. However it doesn't excuse me from being held accountable for all the suffering. I think that animals should be raised outdoors in wide open fields and fed natural things like grasses and such. They should be allowed to play and live their lives in animal-happiness. And then the slaughter techniques should always be quick and painless. Any pain at this final stage cannot be completely removed, but it should be mitigated the most possible. The suffering current animals endure throughout their lives is what bugs me.

    So if this were ever carried out, the meats would be much tastier and would help meat-eaters enjoy their meals with a less guilty conscience. Would any of you pay a little more for free-range, naturally raised meats? I'm just curious. We as consumers have the ability to change the industry if we only buy and demand these types of meat.

    Also, everyone should watch Food, Inc. to see all of the atrocities perpetrated by the current meat industry and also the food industry as a whole. It really is horrible.

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