• Ascension

    What do people here think of the German Orthodox Black Metal band Ascension? They have one demo, one demo, and one full length out, the latter's title being Consolamentum. I recently disovered this band and I think they are great and deserve much more credit in the scene. Any comments?

    • R_Del escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 25 May 2011, 17:14
    I own their debut album and I like the way it was produced. They created a ritual atmosphere that one literally immerses in from the first seconds of the opening track until the very end of the title track. The album artwork is quite interesting, too... One more good band that does not imitate DsO.

  • Well said. It is the unique atmosphere that I really liked about their music. And coming across Orthodox BM bands that do not merely try to imitate DsO can be hard sometimes

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