Go see Iron Man

  • Go see Iron Man

    I was surprised beyond all the surprise I thought I contained in my body. It was really, really good.

    DO IT

  • I second that opinion. It was excellent and definitely should be seen on the big screen.

    It was just like the movies, and I couldn't move.
  • okay.

    Who the hell got my "real" username?!?!?
  • Good man.

  • agreeeeeed

  • Does it help to know the comic book, the way it might for Batman or Spider-man?

    Raised on praties, peanut shells and dirt
  • I don't think so, actually. I knew absolutely nothing about Iron Man prior to seeing the film, and it's easily the best superhero movie I have seen. Nothing revolutionary about it, but it has excellent pacing, gorgeous visuals, and the casting is inspired.

    Wake up, wake up
    It’s T-shirt weather
  • I finally did see this sunday. I chose it over Indy4** and I think I made the right decision. This movie is awesome! Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly cast.

    ***I'm kinda pissed about all the CGI that's supposedly in Indy4, so it's on the backburner for now. I'm sure I'll see it eventually.

    Who the hell got my "real" username?!?!?
  • Good choice. Indy 4 was so bad. Iron Man is like incredible though. Literally, mindblowing amazingness.

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