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    • 14 Abr 2006, 14:28

    bag pipe ancestor

    Cool, there is a forum now :)

    Listening to some egyptian mysic, i heard a n instrument that sounded like a bag pipe, but was just a couple of pipes (a drone and a chanter).

    The mouth of the player itself act as the bag and he has to use a trick similar to the didjereedo to play it without interruption.


    Italian people seems to have the same sort of instrument :

    It really sound nice. I though it may interest you :)

  • Interesting

    Glad you like it melmoth_ :) Yes, it is said that the bagpipes have predecessors that date back to the Ancient Egypt times but not in the same form. I haven`t heard the Argul but I almost everyday listen to the launeddas. "Mediana" by Efisio Melis which can be seen on my weekly top artists chart is a song on launeddas. I like their sound, it can be pretty wild when the melody is fast and there are many notes to be played in a short time :) Circular breathing is the key, hehe ;) You can download "Mediana" from here http://triplepipe.net/music.html It`s a recording from the 1930s! On some website I read that the launeddas were already used in VI century BC. Nice, isn`t it? :) Oh, and thanks for the links to the sites and info melmoth_!

    "There's nuthin' wurse fur a Scotsman
    than the wind blawin' up his kilt!
    When he's tunin' up his bagpipes
    an' the drones they wull'nae lilt"
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