Your suggestions wanted...

  • Your suggestions wanted...

    Hi all,

    The idea is to use this forum to 'plug' who you think will be the Next Big Things and expose them to fellow 'scrobblers before they make it big.

    It's not an excuse to give a 'heads-up' to your mate's band nor is it an elitist NME-type list. No genres are excluded!

    My current tips are in the Connected Artist list already:

    KT Tunstall - somewhere between Dido (ugh!) and Patti Smith. Superb.

    Willy Mason - fried, exciting lo-fi alt-country rock.

    Bloc Party - no doubt 2005 will be their year.

    Ray LaMontagne - echoes of Van Morrison on his debut - full of promise and what a voice!

    Your turn...

    Remember to keep breathing.
  • Discovered Bloc Party a few days ago, and you could be right... Great to see Rachael Yamagata on the connections too.

    Futureheads are probably too well-known for inclusion, but they were supported by Maximo Park last night, who also do nice angular rock. That whole sub-genre is a bit saturated at the moment though.

  • Agreed - way too many of the Strokes/Hives/Killers/Stripes breed at the moment though most of them are pretty competent. To be honest I don't even think Bloc Party are that special but they will be big within the next 6 months due to the UK music-press hype machine which will eventually fliter thru to the US.

    The Futureheads have a big-ish following in the UK already and I would agree that they're a cut above the rest - the album is excellent and I've heard they're good live.

    Remember to keep breathing.
  • Yes, the (in)famous British music press. The Futureheads are indeed very good live.

  • How about the Dresden Dolls, by the way?

  • -=Firthy2002=-
  • Bishop Allen - Super catchy twee indie pop.

    say hi to your mom - Great indie rock stuff. They should have a new album soon, it'll be interesting to see how much play it gets.

    Sean Hayes - Haunting, heart-breaking acoustic folk-type music. This guy writes great songs and his voice gets inside your heart, but he doesn't do a very good job of promoting himself.

  • Re:

    Quoth DiggaSlidwell:
    Bishop Allen - Super catchy twee indie pop.

    I'd second that.

  • Re: Your suggestions wanted...

    Quoth jameswharper:
    Ray LaMontagne - echoes of Van Morrison on his debut - full of promise and what a voice!

    Ray is getting a lot of airplay here in Seattle on 103.7 The Mountain, which plays quite the variety of music (definitely doesn't seem corporate playlist driven). I agree that he's very likely to go big.

  • Athlete - too big for this group - but 2005 will really be their year. Expect Coldplay/Keane-size success...

    Remember to keep breathing.
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    • 31 Dic 2004, 16:22
    Ambulance LTD, The Black Velvets, Dogs, The Concretes, The Departure

  • Added all the previous to the connections list. I'll give 'em til the end of 2005 unless they make it 'big' before booting them. Also added A Girl Called Eddy cos it's a great potential crossover and Selfish Cunt just cos I wanted to.

    th3rdman - love The Concretes but not sure they'll ever be more successful than they already are. Ambulance LTD are a bit overrated in my very humble opinion. The Black Velvets might make it if XFM pushes them Razorlight style.

    Happy New Year all.

    Remember to keep breathing.
    • homsar_rb escribió...
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    • 5 Ene 2005, 18:27
    Some of these have been mentioned but I really think these guys will (or at least should) be big.

    Bloc Party
    The Radio Dept.
    Maximo Park
    Bright Eyes (I'm talkin' megastardom)
    The Dears

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 6 Ene 2005, 14:51
    how did Pop get added to the list??? :S Big things for them? Don't think so ! First single plummets from 14 to 65, and did the 2nd one even chart?? Good luck to their 3rd, :P

  • Yeah OK - wasn't aware of their chart pedigree already (or lack of it)!

    Someone 'authoritatively' told me they would be the next big bullshit boy-band or something.

    Remember to keep breathing.
  • What do people think of BBC's 2005 tips? I definitely agree with the inclusion of Bloc Party, but I'm not overly familiar with the other bands.

  • All except The Game (one of 50 Cent's protegees), Tom Vek (electro-rock according to BBC) and The Dead 60s (ska/garage rock - had a minor hit last year) are already on the added.

    I really don't get the appeal of The Bravery - just another bunch of NY Strokes/Interpol copyists if you ask me. Saw them on Jools Holland and they stank.
    KT Tunstall was also on Jools - she's really special - very mainstream but quality songs.

    It's an alright list but a bit predictable and limited in genre.

    Remember to keep breathing.
    • leightonj escribió...
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    • 8 Ene 2005, 19:13
    Bloc Party will definitely hit it big this year, but i dont see what its all about, i went to see them play on their own tour last year, despite playing a good show, they were totally outplayed by their support act The Mystery Jets (watch out)

    I think it will be a good year for The Features (recently supported KOL)
    The Arcade Fire brought out an outstanding debut album which i think will be well received by British kids when they get wind of it.

    As mentioned before, Dresden Dolls should do good, due to the fact that they appeal to a whole spectrum of people.

    Thirteen Senses, a fuzzy photocopy of Coldplay and Keane???wtf. They are good though, nice guys too.

    The Others, does music need anymore garage rock?? maybe these. (check out their bassist, he is Robert Smith)

  • Wires by Athlete sends shivers up my spine and i don't even like thair stuff normally!

    I think the Kaiser Cheifs may be a dark horse for this year.

  • I saw the concretes at Glastonbuty - they were terribly dull. Please don;t let them get played on the radio!

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    • 16 Ene 2005, 0:30
    Rooster? Don't think much of them but apparantly theyre the next big thing , etc, blah.

    • homsar_rb escribió...
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    • 16 Ene 2005, 13:29
    I despise Rooster but they seem likely repeat the success of Maroon 5. Ugh.

  • Not convinced they'll do anything much. The 'kids' will probably wait for the Busted ashes to settle and go with Fightstar.

    Remember to keep breathing.
  • Oh OK then - Rooster went Top 5 (even though the UK singles chart is dead).

    The rules of the group are that any artist who goes Top 10 in either UK or US albums or singles chart is graduated out.

    So Babyshambles graduate too.

    Remember to keep breathing.
    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 17 Ene 2005, 13:47
    Pop flopped at #16 this week, thats the end of that then!

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