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Creado el: 7 Abr 2008
Group for fans of Adam 'Nergal' Darski - guitarist and vocalist of polish black/death metal band Behemoth.

You are listening to Behemoth? You respect Nergal and his work? You want to discuss?...

Adam 'Nergal' Darski (born June 10, 1977) is a Polish metal musician for the blackened death metal band Behemoth.


Adam Darski was born in Gdynia, Poland and raised Catholic. He goes by the stage name Nergal, and he is the founder, lyricist, main composer, frontman and manager of Behemoth, which he started when he was fourteen. He also plays on lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar. Nergal likes to interact with the crowd during live performances. He is known for his contribution with the following bands: Hermh , Nile, Damnation, Vader, Sweet Noise, Mastiphal, December's Fire, Mess Age, Corruption, Hangover, The Wolverines and Hefeystos.

Nergal has completed six years of history and two years of Latin at Gdańsk University, and is qualified to be a museum curator.


- ESP Ninja-600
- ESP EC-1000
- Gibson Explorer
- Mayones/Flame Signum Gothic
- Dean V

- Bogner Uberschall
- Mesa Dual Rec

Interview with Nergal
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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