Devendra's concerts

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    • 28 Abr 2007, 20:29

    Devendra's concerts

    Hi everybody.

    First point. Excuse me for my bad english, I wish you all spake French fluently, it would have been easier for me ;)

    Then, I would like to know if you have seen Devendra Banhart in concert?
    He is quite rare in my country, even if he begins to be famous. (so are cocorosie)
    I've seen him one time in a concert of Vetiver (last year in paris), in a very small place. It was really a surprise: he was nice, close to people, and he sung with his friend Vetiver and with all the musicians. It was quite magic!

  • the french

    i wish i spoke french fluently, it would probably help in this case if i could write it too, anywho i have seen devendra!!!!!!!! he is a godddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!! front row center! i shook his hand too and gave him a drawing from my friends and i, i even got to hear noah sing find shelter, by the way look up noah georgeson. he plays with devendra if you didnt already know, excellent musician. and this other time, i swear im not gonna lie, devendra spoke to me on the phone, you could even ask childvagabond.

    i thought devendra played in france a lot. im pretty sure he plays there alot

    - Holy Mountain
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    • 29 Abr 2007, 14:44
    I don't know Noah Georgeson, but I will follow your advice and listen to him.
    And I'm sorry, that's awful but devendra banhart is not quite famous in france (in some Paris places maybe, but France can't be summarize to Paris) and his concerts are rare. Too rare for me: I would like to see him and listen to his songs everyday !

  • Wow mxcnskwerl, a real live conversation with the God himself! What did you chat about? I'm sure, whatever you happened to be speaking about was enlightening. anyways.... I have the pleasure to be seing him live this summer as well! We are going on a roadtrip for my 16th birthday, across the border, down to Bumbershoot in Seattle where he just happens to be playing. The closest I think he will ever get to Vancouver Island.

  • i caught glimpses of a show at the pitchfork festival two summers ago, but that was before i got really into devendra. going to see him next month in milwaukee. can't wait.

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