Subterrestrial "The City Beneath" epic dark ambient re-release

  • Subterrestrial "The City Beneath" epic dark ambient re-release

    "The City Beneath" is a longform dark ambient piece inspired by the epic, groundbreaking 1927 science fiction silent film "Metropolis" by German director Fritz Lang. The composition explores the themes presented in the film and in particular, the subterranean city of the oppressed working class. The City Beneath" was composed and recorded in early May of 2010 and released as a CDr on Black Drone: 13 Series. By 2011, "The City Beneath" was completely sold out and had gone out of print. The original recording was very slightly tweaked, cleaned up and overall remastered in late July 2011 and re-released on Subterrestrial Netlabel.

    Download from Subterrestrial | Release Page

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    “Plasma Weapon” is a new album by Subterrestrial on Sirona-Records. Something a little bit different, this time out. The album features both dark ambient and lighter, ambient electronica. Very soundscape/soundtrack-ish, as I was channeling my passion for ’80s video games and anime, movies like Blade Runner, etc… for this one. Open your mind and give it a try!

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    Subterrestrial - ambient / downtempo / experimental music
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