Help Me Deciding On A New Language :(.

  • Help Me Deciding On A New Language :(.

    In the last few years, I have been trying to learn a third language. I started with Japanese, because I was really interested in Anime and in the Japanese culture, but I lost that interest and now my Japanese learning is in Hiatus :(.

    I have considered the following languages:

    * French.
    * Italian.
    * German.

    In that order.

    I want opinions on which one is easier to learn and overall more "interesting". I should know German because my grandfather is from Austria, but he never communicated with us using that language, so I never learned it :/. But I would love to go to France someday, and French looks really interesting.

    Opinions, tips, ideas?

    • soisbelle escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 27 May 2010, 0:56
    French is really a beautiful language. But I also love learning German because of the structure and just the general feel of the words. However if I had to chose one, I would probably recommend that you go with French. Good luck!

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