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夢人 fans

Real name: 河野夢人 (Kawano Yumehito)
Nickname: Moroboshi
Alter-ego: Kuroboshi
Position: vocals
Blood type: AB
Birthday: Sept 22, 1985
Likes: GANTZ, Pokemon, Kamen Rider, Drawing, PC, Gackt, Rilakkuma, pink, orange
Previous bands: (as guitarist) Primrose, Soroban, Hybrid-zombies, Ayabie
Saying: 暗黒ノ世界ヘヨウコソ・・・ (roughly: Welcome to the world of darkness...)

short biography
夢人 (Yumehito) is the vocalist for the band AYABIE. Before this, he played guitar, but switched over to vocals when Aoi and the other four split ways. Earlier this year he took part in several side projects, including KY, with Kenzo.

He likes to call his fans Moroboshists. If you've ever sent him a peta or a message, he considers you a Moroboshist. (Though you can be one without those things, of course.) Yume often refers to himself as 諸星夢人 or just 諸星 (Moroboshi), but that is not his real name - it's something he picked up on someone else's name plate and thought it was cool, and started to call himself that.

On his blog/twitter, you may see these faces often (or variations of them):
(・◇・) (・θ・)
(mouth open and closed)
They're in reference to the Rilakkuma character, Kiioritori, which Yume calls 'chun' (hence his blog name).

Ayabie's OHP | Yumehito's Blog | Twitter

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