• Ace Streak Beaten by Dilla

    27 May 2007, 19:00 de Cobbit

    Masta Ace reached the top of my weekly charts for 8 weeks in a row. This started way back on March 26, around the time when I was just getting into him.

    But since then, I've become a much bigger fan and even started the Fans of Masta Ace group. (*cough*pleasejoin*cough*)

    I still haven't heard all of his albums, but during these 8 weeks, Ace saw off N.W.A, 2Pac (twice)*, The Game, Devin the Dude, Talib Kweli (twice), Obie Trice and J Dilla to reach a massive 8 weeks on top of my weeklies.

    But, everything must come to an end. And it did this week, with J Dilla climbing to the top after being beaten last week. Being perfectly honest, I can see Dilla going on one of these streak also, as I haven't stopped playing that Donuts album yet.

    But anyways, I gotta say throughout this time I've really got into Ace's music and he really is a true great. If anybody out there wants to get into him, give me a shout on my shoutbox - highly recommended. And also, R.I.P. to J Dilla, if only I had discovered his music earlier than I have...