• gorem0n escribió...
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    • 30 May 2009, 16:59
    maybe music from games/films like jesper kyd or john williams
    nowadays really don't even listen them :D

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 1 Jun 2009, 8:24
    Well, I listen to these genres anyways, but if metal didn't exist, I would listen to these genres even more

    classic rock

    hell, I'll listen to some old school rap (not the shit we have nowadays)

    But I can't imagine myself not listening to metal for a day...metal is my life.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 4 Jun 2009, 15:09
    I'm guessing stuff like shoegaze, indie rock/pop, progressive rock, industrial, jazz, classical, Japanese music, post-hardcore, hardcore, punk (in general), folk, good qualiy altenative/grunge, and everything else I'd normally listen to in addition to metal). I'm not limited to metal at the present either and listen to quite a bit outside of it, so I do already listen to this. I'd just listen to the moreso to make up for the lack of metal.

    • DaRk-6 escribió...
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    • 8 Jul 2009, 16:22
    I guess some old rock&roll and some jazz =)

  • Psychedelic, Folk, Techno, and Shoegaze

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 8 Jul 2009, 18:17
    maybe progressive rock or punk

    • Jd_Jd_Jd escribió...
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    • 13 Jul 2009, 10:37
    I think it would be post-rock or (alternative) rock

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  • If metal Wouldn't Exist All Gays Would Rule This World...(Pop N Hip-Hop)...Lol to Be Serious People Would Be More Towards Alternative N Classical Stuff.......

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 24 Jul 2009, 8:13

    If metal wouldn't exist...

    ...I´d listen to Turbonegro and Maximum the Hormone till they locked me up...

  • for me, it might be rock (rolling stones, and similar, in particular), maybe glam rock, game music (command and conquer series, and similar), electronica (found out i could like it, if i wanted, but im not sure about a whole new music style right now), i would also listen to blues, dark ambient, and similar, i guess, maybe hardcore, if that counts

    • Sharkuu escribió...
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    • 2 Sep 2009, 19:41
    I think Ambient.

  • Progressive Rock, definitely ...

  • Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Punk Rock, Hardcore...

  • Rock or electronic. Any kind.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 10 Oct 2009, 10:52

  • Id probably listen to blues or funk

  • i know that id be into jazz , jazz fusion specificly, classical, prog rock, and some of the classic rock bands. if guitar virtuoso counts, then that too.

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    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 27 Ene 2010, 13:21
    If the metal wouldn't exist id propably eat galactic pudding and listen to techno.
    Noo! i was joking with techno, id propably listen to rock, blues and jazz.
    Oh and punk and hardcore (well it doesn't counts as metal).

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 27 Ene 2010, 13:46
    I listen to so many different genres as it is. I am a huge fan of progressive rock though, and starting to get into folk a lot more in my old age. I do love a load of different genres though, blues, country, swing, classical, world, electronica, indie......

  • Hard rock :) And folk, neofolk.... also classical music.... :)

  • Hardcore Punk, Classical, Jazz, Pop and some other random artists. Mostly hardcore punk thought.

    • orest_r escribió...
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    • 10 Feb 2010, 9:22
    Pop from 70's or 80's
    Probably neoclassical
    Maybe some jazz
    And a bit of modern so-called "alternative" rock

    • Greg72 escribió...
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    • 10 Feb 2010, 16:44
    Stoner Rock

    • Weirdowz escribió...
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    • 10 Feb 2010, 19:29
    (neo)classical & jazz...
    but it'd still kill me within a few months :P

    • Iden85 escribió...
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    • 10 Feb 2010, 21:10
    folk (especially - scottish & irish), progressive-rock, post-rock, blues, country, some kinds of jazz, classics.
    maybe, rhytm'n'blues (NOT r'n'b)

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