Metal Reccomendations Thread

    • Lemostr00 escribió...
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    • 11 Sep 2010, 21:36
    Khrophus - technician death metal

    • Joe_Towse escribió...
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    • 14 Sep 2010, 17:22
    maryaroxxstteam said:
    Marya Roxx

    Can you PLEASE stop mentioning her everywhere? It's quite obvious it's your job to sell her, but it's getting really annoying. Shameless plug is shameless plug.

    I run a Facebook music page, True Metal and Punk: (the stuff posted is not limited to metal and punk but it is primarily from those two genres).
  • Anyway, back on topic, for anyone interested in some aggressive hardcore punk, here's some recs along those lines:

    Napalm Death, particularly the album Scum. Whilst this may seem obvious, I was shocked by the number of people who hadn't heard of them in the 'First Band On The Above User's Charts...' thread. Whilst some may classify this as grindcore, I still believe that in essence, pure grind is some of the most punky stuff around.

    Atomski Rat are a great little known Serbian crust band. They've only released a rehearsal demo and a self titled EP so far (both available for download from their Myspace), but as you can see below, I truly believe the EP to be one of the best releases of 2010.

    Converge - similarly to Napalm Death, I was shocked by the number of people who weren't aware of this great band - especially seeing as they get a lot of coverage in metal magazines such as Metal Hammer and Terrorizer! Start with Jane Doe from 2001, and if you like that, try 2006's No Heroes.

    I run a Facebook music page, True Metal and Punk: (the stuff posted is not limited to metal and punk but it is primarily from those two genres).
    • Mathriok escribió...
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    • 18 Nov 2010, 16:02

    Exsickator - Beyond This World

    Imagine Black/death metal filtered through symphonic and progressive elements and that basically sums up this record. Listen or download it here.

    • carlosc13 escribió...
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    • 26 Nov 2010, 20:06
    just check this out (some band's that for me are so underrated)

    - Heavenwood Gothic Metal from Portugal
    - Hamlet Heavy Metal from Spain
    - Ramp Thrash/Groove Metal from Portugal
    - Pitch Black Thrash Metal from Portugal (not the others band's there)
    - Arkona Folk Metal from Russia
    - Be'lakor Melodeath from Australia
    - Månegarm Viking Metal from Sweden
    - Switchtense Thrash Metal from Portugal
    - Moonsorrow Viking Metal from Finland
    - Alestorm folk/Power Metal from Scotland
    - Rage Power/heavy Metal from Germany
    - ThanatoSchizO Death/Doom/Alternative Metal from Portugal

    • MaidenTek escribió...
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    • 11 Dic 2010, 20:37
    Ad Infinitum
    • Grymn escribió...
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    • 17 Dic 2010, 5:01
    The Syncope Threshold
    Popular tags: metalcore, melodic metalcore, progressive, melodic hardcore, mathcore

    Popular tags: melodic metalcore, metalcore, metal, rock, melodic

    Even if you generally don't like 'core bands I highly recommend having a listen.

    • Shiroi77 escribió...
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    • 31 Dic 2010, 7:52
    Moi dix Mois. great symphonic/gothic metal band.

    And then tears and blood and everything dries up
    And soon those memories will be far away..
  • For fans of Type O Negative:

    Seventh Void with guitar player Kenny Hickey and drum player Johnny Kelly

    A Pale Horse Named Death with drum player Sal Abruscato

  • all out war- bad ass hardcore
    leng tch'e-grindcore
    phobia-crusty grindcore
    misery index-death metal

  • Trepalium

    French groove/jazz death metal.

    • Joe_Towse escribió...
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    • 13 Abr 2011, 7:42
    To anyone who doesn't yet know the phenomenon that is Ghost, I'd recommend them, particularly if you like the late 70s/early 80s way of doing metal.

    Secondly, Vio-Lence were Robert Flynn and Phil Demmel's band before they fucked off to create Machine Head, and thus a whole host of horrid albums (everything after 'The More Things Change' is horrific), and they're criminally underappreciated thrash. Their album Eternal Nightmare is one of my favourite thrash albums of all time.

    Finally, I'll recommend Failed Humanity to anyone who likes brutal death metal, as their brand of BDM with slight grind influences (after all, they were formed by members of Extreme Noise Terror) is great.

    I run a Facebook music page, True Metal and Punk: (the stuff posted is not limited to metal and punk but it is primarily from those two genres).

    • Jaz_D escribió...
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    • 24 Abr 2011, 17:54

    PROOF - hardcore/metal/thrash - Bucharest,Romania

    check out PROOF - hardcore/metal - Bucharest,Romania. Our official facebook page is: Download our EP "Blood Money" here:

  • Taste Death Metal from dictatorshipped Belarus! Listen to the full-length previews of the best songs and download album for free from here:

  • Hmm...
    Definitely SINERGY (power/melodic), all their albums are GREAT
    -Brymir (epic metal)
    -Euphoreon (melodic)
    -Grendel (melodic)
    -Bal-Sagoth (folk, melodic, black)
    -Illnath (melodic)
    -Zyklon (deathmetal)

  • Amok - United Kingdom - retro thrash

    Artillery - Denmark - Melodic thrash (check out the album "By Inheritance" (1990), one of the best metal albums ever released)

    Heathen - Bay Area Thrash

    Holy Grail - California - Speed/power

    Demon - NWOBHM

  • So... Is anyone listening to the recommendations or is everyone just recommending?

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    • 28 May 2011, 0:43
    Why only recommend music? The first post was "recommend something to your fellow metalheads" and I would like to recommend beer =)

    • Chaos890 escribió...
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    • 15 Jul 2011, 0:31
    Solution.45, With the singer from Scar Symmetry.

  • Feel free to join my page and share it if you have facebook, Cheers!! \m/

    "And it's hard to learn from the past when the past is a whore to the last
    And it's hard to see into the night when your eyes are blinded by the light
    And it's hard to hold back the hate..."
    • GlassPoet escribió...
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    • 22 Feb 2012, 5:54
    Viathyn! They are a smaller power metal band, unsigned and they are FUCKING AWESOME. Check them out, seriously, if you are into that style of music!

    • rakestein escribió...
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    • 8 Mar 2012, 18:45
    Barón Rojo This is a spanish heavy metal band that was very famous in the 80's. They played at Reading '82 and in other important festivals. Their best album is Volumen Brutal. They sing in spanish, but if you want to listen some stuff in english they re-recorded Volumen brutal in english. Here is one of their most famous songs:

    Rakel Metal-Punk
  • Pretty cool dvd

    • xKoNnouRx escribió...
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    • 22 Abr 2012, 18:48
    Edge of Sanity - CRIMSON II

    Deadlock - WOLVES

    In This Moment - THE DREAM

    Aldious - DEEP EXCEED


    I won't gonna say they are FUCKKIN AWESOME cuz I see no need to state the obvious :p
    ..if u won't gonna like this stuff them your taste of music officially sucks :D

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