Favourite album

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    • 17 Feb 2006, 13:57

    Favourite album


    I joined today, and I must say I was a little disappointed not to find a single thread here.

    I decided to step up to the task myself.

    Not feeling creative, so I'll make it simple:

    Which Madrugada-album is your personal favourite?

    I absolutely LOVE The Nightly Disease. However, Industrial Silence is also an amazing album...

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    • 6 Mar 2006, 16:12
    My personal favourite is The Deep end, every song on the album is simply amazing. The Nightly Disease and Grit are runners up. Its hard to decide which is my favorite, it changes from time to time.

    Don't believe in excess
    Success is to give
    Don't believe in riches
    But you should see where I live
    I...I believe in love
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    • 25 Abr 2006, 19:39

    Industrial Silence

    I'm the classical Madrugada fan. Industrial Silence is my favourite album, but that doesn't meen that I think the other ones isn't so great. Because I looooove them all, but it's something about Industrial Silence that touches me. Vocal is my favourite song of all time....

    Whats your favourite songs?

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    • 2 May 2006, 21:09

    How could I possibly choose?

    I think I'll go with Industrial Silence but every album does something for me in a different way.

    My favourite songs? There can't be just one:

    Norwegian Hammerworks
    Black Mambo
    Step Into This Room...
    Subterranean Sunlight

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    • 8 May 2006, 7:00

    New Madrugada fan here

    Hey, I'm a new fan of Madrugada, just having discovered them recently. I'd have to say Industrial Silence is my favourite, though Nightly Disease is a close second, and Deep End a strong third. That said, those and Live at Tralfamadore are the only ones I've heard so far.


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    • 9 May 2006, 10:15

    Industrial Silence vs The Deep End

    I can't really decide what's my favorite album. I've been a fan og Madrugada since 1999, and since the release of Industrial Silence it have been my favorite record. I love The Nightly Desease and Grit too, but when The Deep End was released, my favorite album in six years was really challenged.

    I still don't have a favorite, but most of my favorite song are on Industial Silence.

    My favorites are Salt, This Old House, Terraplane +++

    Psst...Your balls are showing!

    • frof escribió...
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    • 12 May 2006, 18:04

    Industrial Silence/The Deep End..

    Hmm.. I think Industrial Silence is the best album, but The Deep End is also a very good album. Anyway, I love them both :)

    The best song:
    1) Electric
    2) This Old House
    3) Majesty
    4) Kids Are On High Street
    5) Hold On To You

    an ocean soul
  • Industrial Silence

    I agree with the most of you, that all the albums are great. But every song in Industrial Silence is a small story for me. The whole album is part of my life.

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  • I really like Majesty but the rest of the songs on Grit were very disappointing. Could you recommend me another album based on this information? :)

    • popgurl escribió...
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    • 5 Jun 2006, 15:07
    Lampadatriste - The non-Majesty songs on Grit (except 'I Don't Fit') are so out of keeping with the rest of their catalogue that you might well be happy with any of the others. The Deep End (2005) has a few songs that are very Majesty-ish, but Industrial Silence has some especially killer slow ballads, and the whole mood of The Nightly Disease is a good fit with Majesty.

    • Heus escribió...
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    • 3 Nov 2006, 19:52

    Industrial Silence

    Industrial Silence and the live album

    You can doubt about taste!
    • Lonea escribió...
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    • 22 Dic 2006, 15:39
    I'm really looking forward to the next one:D

    • uriah-hp escribió...
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    • 6 Ene 2007, 20:04
    there's no question: Industrial Silence

    my favourite Songs:

    Strange Colour Blue
    Quite Emotional
    Step into this Room and Dance for Me

  • i find it hard to decide between The Deep End and Industrial silence

  • It's definitely Industrial Silence for me.
    Everything that has been released after The Nightly Disease is a big disappointment to me (except for the tracks Vie From A Hilltop, Subterranean Sunlight, Life In The City and Madrugada).
    I hope they'll return to their 'roots' on the next album.

  • Industrial Silence is my absolute favourite album, and Shine is my favourite song. I still like the other albums very much, and also Sivert Høyem's solo work. Contrary to Kudtjochie I like versatility in an artist... :)

  • Industrial silence

  • Don't have any favorite albums, but songs:
    The Kids Are on High Street
    Lift Me

    • kalangu escribió...
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    • 5 May 2007, 14:58
    Grit and the live

    My fav songs are
    -Bloodshot adult commitment
    -Stories from the streets
    -The kids are on high street
    -Two black bones
    -Black mambo
    -Running out of time
    -Strange color blue

    oh, and much more

  • Cant even choose a favorite song nor album, everything is such a fantastic blend of leather, lipstick and chrome. Really looking forward to their new release, but it is strange to listen to Madrugada or My Midnight Creeps albums now, ever since Robert passed away...just the thought of him not there, adds extra melancholic too the music...

  • Highway 2,000,000

    All of them... Grit a little less...

    And Histamin by My Midnight Creeps was the best album of 2007... Unbelievable...

    As for songs:

    1. Highway 2,000,000
    2. Salt
    3. Electric
    4. Inferno Angel / FerroAngel
    5. It Ain't Over

    And all of the others!! Grin...

    it never got weird enough for me...
    • lumolove escribió...
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    • 12 Feb 2008, 13:45

    INDUSTRIAL SILENCE-is the BEST i think.For ME-Vom ANFANG bis zum END

    Forever Industrial Silence!

    Leben und leben lassen...
    • euchrid72 escribió...
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    • 8 Dic 2010, 12:23
    The Nightly Disease, maybe because it's the first album I heard. But Industrial Silence is really amazing.
    Love Madrugada, their music is so simple and even so deep and so involving

  • What about Madrugada?

    Madrugada's "Madrugada" is an absolute fav. Can't imagine my life without Honey Bee, What's On Your Mind? and New Woman New Man

    Though it's really hard to chose - like mostly everything

    • Kiwi82 escribió...
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    • 26 Mar 2011, 16:57
    I think all their albums are good, but Industrial Silence is a real masterpiece to me.

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