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A group for all the fans of the real-life show of Ryan Sheckler on MTV.

Ryan Sheckler's tale is a coming-of-age story set against an almost superhero-like existence. At just 17, Ryan, a skateboarding phenom who got on his first board at just 18 months old, already has everything a boy could ever dream of having. He has traveled the world and won numerous competitions; he owns a Range Rover; and, yes, he even has his very own skate park in his backyard! But deep down Ryan's really just like any other teenage boy -- he's just looking for the right girl and wants to spend time with his buddies.

The first show was broadcasted on August 27th 2007 on MTV. After the big success of the first season, MTV decided to broadcast a second season on 8th January 2008.

The theme song of the serie is Oh! Gravity from Switchfoot.

Here are the links for the videos that can be found on

Season One:
Ep. 1 'New Start'
Ep. 2 'Let The Party Begin'
Ep. 3 'Dad's Coming To Cleveland'
Ep. 4 'Lady Killer'
Ep. 5 'Daddy Issues'
Ep. 6 'He Said/She Said'
Ep. 7 'Business And Pleasure Don't Mix'
Ep. 8 'Moving Out'

Season Two:
Ep. 1 'Don't Go'
Ep. 2 'My Brother's Keeper'
Ep. 3 'Houston, We Have a Problem'
Ep. 4 'Sheckler, Inc.'
Ep. 5 'And You Just Might Be The One'
Ep. 6 'Odd Man Out'
Ep. 7 'Man's Best Friend'
Ep. 8 'Skate In Heavenly Peace'
Ep. 9 'Partying Ways'
Ep. 10 'Single Life'

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    He rocks xdDD Ryan we love you ;]

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    He is soo coooool :D he's coool! He's coool! He's coool! Omg, I am indeed the first one to shout! SHOUTOUTLOUDS! Nice, awesome. Just perfect. I wanna create my own group, and I will call it 'My own group'. Awesome. Nighty night to all you weirdoos out there. Peace and peaches.

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