Streaming on Squeezebox

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    • 4 Oct 2011, 14:17

    Streaming on Squeezebox

    Hi all,

    I just set up my squeezebox-network at home and it is working fine. Now I wanted to integrate So I installed the app within and created a account. Some artists are successfully stored on after playing it on my PC.

    If I start on my Squeezebox - regardless whether directly, via web interface or iphone app - everything looks fine, but as soon as I want to play a station, a message pops up, that I have to create an account "Erwerben Sie ein Abonnement auf, um schon heute über diesen Sender Musik zu hören. " I already tried several times to delete and re-enter the account data, as described in an other thread but without success. Also checked the application settings - the player is activated and connected to my account.

    Or do I need to have a paid account for using this service?

    Running out of ideas... please help

    Greets, Georg

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    • 3 Nov 2011, 11:59

    abo in germany - technical or policy problem???

    got the same problem after two years listening to radio on my squeezebox -
    doesn't have any idea why i am not welcome anymore on, even if my account still exists!!! Is this a technical or policy problem? If there is anyone outside who is hearing me and georgkk - please answer!!!

    thank you all

  • I had this same problem for months and months, and I did everything I could think of; signing in and out of LastFM, signing in and out of, etc. But yesterday, this worked for me.
    I "removed my account" on the LastFM app on Then I chose "configure" and just signed into the same account again. It worked for me this time! So you might want to try that again. (I had just updated to Squeeze Server 7.1, which is now called Logitek Media Server, and I don't know if that made any difference, but maybe.)
    Best of luck to you on getting it straightened out.

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    • 26 Ene 2012, 20:19
    hi. did you know you now need a PAID account to use with squeezebox (or any other non-computer device - mobiles etc) - the free accounts dont work any more.
    this is probably the problem..

    good luck:)

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