How did you guys discover Limbeck?

  • How did you guys discover Limbeck?

    Saw them supporting the AAR two years ago in London,UK and I love their first album! But now waiting for them to come back again eventhough they promised to like a year ago grrrr!

  • I discovered them on a free sampler from Doghouse at Warped Tour 2003. Along with Say Anything and Feable Weiner.

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    • 12 Dic 2005, 22:45
    I think I just saw their name a bunch and decided to check em out. They live in like 3 cities south of where I used to live.

  • they toured with the band i worked for maxeen a year or two ago and met them there, nice they are a great live band.

  • A few years ago, maybe 2000 or 2001, Patrick ran a website where he would post random pictures. I found the site and sent him an email saying that I dug his stuff. He told me to check out his band, which had just recorded a new album. Around this time Limbeck started to get a bit of hype as they appeared in an Apple Computer commerical -- as a band named something like the Garage Monkeys -- playing their song "Stop Internet Romance."

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    • 14 Dic 2005, 0:07
    Well, i had an extreme obsession with the Format so i heard that Nate Ruess did vocals on some of the songs. I got those songs and Nate wasn't on those versions, but i loved the songs anyway. A month later i went to a show and i've been obsessed since then. At that show i bought the "Hey, Everything's Fine" cd and realized that's where Nate was!!!!

  • it was an impluse buy at wherehouse, i knew nothing about them except that i streamed a few songs on their site. i got lucky cuz it was packaged with hey, everythings fine, whoop whoop

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    • 17 Dic 2005, 19:21
    I discovered them on a site called purevolume when I also discovered Koufax.

  • I went with some friends to see Rocky Voltolato and Limbeck here in Reno and didn't pay any attention to either one of them really. I was more concerned with getting drunk. On my way out to a friend's car to drink booze Robb stopped us and asked if we'd like some buttons. They were buttons of pictures he had taken. He listed off what they were pictures of, "a train track, the sunset, Patrick and a cat.." I liked the idea of the Patrick and a cat one so I took that one.

    A few months later I was telling an out of town friend that she should come visit and come to a show with me. The show was Limbeck and The Casket Lottery, again I was only going to have something to do but coincidentally, she knew the guys from Limbeck so she came into town and went with us. She introduced me to them that night, I actually listened to them play and was pretty much blown away (even if I was wasted) and bought the CD. They came through Reno a bunch more times after that and we hungout, I followed them around in California a few times, they crashed at my pad et cetera. The rest is history.

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    • 17 Dic 2005, 23:33
    They opened for motion city soundtrack at radiodown in covington, KY when i first saw them...i had heard about them, but didnt take any action to listen to their stuff until i saw them at that show. easily one of the most fun live bands ive ever seen.

  • i used to see them hanging out at motion city shows in orange county a few years ago...and then i finally got to see them when they opened for mcs. i went to 7 shows on that tour, i was hooked on limbeck after the first day.

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    • 21 Dic 2005, 22:51
    Our fearless leader, Blizzount13, came to my house one day and was like, "Hey, I think you would like this album" and I ripped "Hi, Everything's Great" to my computer. It was love at first...sound?

  • I picked up that Motion City/Limbeck 7" when MCS rolled through town. I liked what they did with "Perfect Teeth" and was inspired to listen to more. And ever since...

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  • I saw everything's great on an IRC server and liked the name of the band, so i picked it up on blind faith and ended up enjoying it more than anything. i eventuially bought the cd and the two that follwed it. great stuff.

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    • 2 Ene 2006, 16:24

  • They played at my college back in the day when they were still messing around with the more regular rock stuff. Both limbeck styles are awesome though!

  • I was looking on a site for Get Up Kids merch, and I saw the name Limbeck and thought it was cool so i checked them out. I read about their cd and it said great roadtrip songs so I bought it and loved them. I have 2 cd's now, love them both.

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    • 21 Ene 2006, 23:24
    I found out about limbeck when my best friends band played with them during the format tour. It's been love ever since!

  • At the Nintendo Fusion Tour, Justin Pierre was wearing a Limbeck shirt, so I checked them out and fell in love.

    I've been wanting to tell Justin about how I started listening to Limbeck because of him, I think he'd like that.

    Since they aren't coming to San Diego, I'm planning on driving up to the LA area for their tour.

  • Iam on the reggie and the full effect message board and thats run by blue collar distro and they distribute limbecks shirts and other stuff.....but that has nothing to do with day burton the owner of BCD made a video of his drive home and in the back round was comin from tucson......i fell in love with the song and went and bought the album...this was like 3 years ago i think....i dont know

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  • 35% of people generally like Bear......

    the other 70% well.......dont
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    • 7 Feb 2006, 5:14
    I just saw Limbeck on Friday with the Honorary Title! It was very enjoyable, well except for all the kids with tamborines; that got very annoying. They played a good show!

  • I saw them live about 2 or 3 years ago when they were on tour with Spitalfield, The Early November, and Hey Mercedes. Been a fan ever since.

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    Quoth stopxstart:
    I saw them live about 2 or 3 years ago when they were on tour with Spitalfield, The Early November, and Hey Mercedes. Been a fan ever since.

    yeah thats when I saw them too, only spitalfield wasnt at the date.. thats where I also discovered park

  • Don't remember exactly when, 1999 I think, but I wasn't able to go to a Home Grown show with my friend, but he told me about Limbeck and bought the Ski Ball Champs EP. Thought "Stop Internet Romance" was a neat song, and the "I Want It That Way" cover was amusing. Then I heard them again on Home Grown's Connection EP. They sure have changed a bit since then...

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