The worst song

    • sakim91 escribió...
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    • 25 Sep 2009, 19:30
    I really can’t stand dyer maker, it's just awful, I never managed to listen to the whole song, it just breaks my heart, and it’s that bad.....

  • Hot Dog.Blehhhhh =/

    It is the springtime of my loving
    • bostache escribió...
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    • 30 Sep 2009, 11:10
    wearing and tearing

    What the fuck is that?
    Heh heh. This is a shotgun, Sol.
    It's a fucking anti-aircraft gun, Vincent.
    Well I wanna raise some pulses, don't I?
    You'll raise Hell. Never mind pulses.
    • keanie39 escribió...
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    • 4 Oct 2009, 4:08
    theres actually a few on i throught out door that i dont like, esp. hot dog,

    also i never liked custard pie

    • gizmi7 escribió...
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    • 10 Dic 2009, 19:42
    every song of Zepp's best

    • Solmis escribió...
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    • 16 Dic 2009, 18:27
    The Crunge

    • paulbd escribió...
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    • 18 Dic 2009, 4:20
    Although I really like every Zeppelin song if there was one that I had to label as their worst it would be Down by the Seaside

  • The Crunge, Boogie With Stu, Black Country Woman, Hot Dog

    • kjinu escribió...
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    • 31 Dic 2009, 14:15
    Black Dog.

  • I dont like Darlene, freaking strange song.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 18 Ene 2010, 15:54
    Hot Dog, Candy Store Rock, Royal Orleans, Carouselambra, I'm Gonna Crawl, Fool In The Rain and yes, You Shook Me

  • Hats Off To Roy Harper,

  • Re:The worst song

    Yurko disse:
    To me, it's The Crunge. I still don't understand what the fuck it is.

    By, the way, I really like Dy'er Mak'er, which is hated by many LZ fans.

    I think the Crunge is a tribute to James Brown, and since listening to him made Plant sing like that, I think we shoud respect it, right?

    yeah I like every single song of Zepellin that I've ever heard...
    I just reckon that sometimes the media keeps repeating over and over again that Stairway is the best, or maybe other ones that became legendary such as Black Dog and Whole Lotta Love that you jsut lose the meanign and feeling fo the songs.

    if there's a band out there with songs you can listen to always, and that has only good songs, this band is called Led Zeppelin.

    keep rockin. long live rock & roll.
    • _Tarkus_ escribió...
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    • 20 Ene 2010, 23:56
    I think The Crunge is awesome, but I guess I'm one of those many LZ fans who hate Dy'er Mak'er (at least by LZ standards).

    • bylim5 escribió...
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    • 22 Ene 2010, 15:38
    D'yer Maker is the worst song

  • I personnaly don't hate any Zep song, but I don't really like the begin of 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' 'Dancing Days' is a little weird too..
    Hmm... D'yer Mak'er so hated under tha fans? ;P
    Seems odd to me.. Reminds me off sunshine and warm shallow seas on a fine summer's day to be honest

    • YotamG escribió...
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    • 24 Ene 2010, 14:28



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  • I LOVE Led Zeppelin. I don't hate any song but I don't really like D'yer Maker.
    And I'm surprised that you don't like Dancing Days, Your Time Is Gonna Come or Black Dog, I think they are great!

  • Dancing Days is awesome :)

    • _Tarkus_ escribió...
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    • 3 Feb 2010, 22:58
    Dancing Days are here again!

  • Your Time Is Gonna Come ! I can't stand vocal at all -.-'

    Dżimi "Dżoana" Kosma Pejcz
  • But it's still nice compare to many others songs all over the world ; p

    Dżimi "Dżoana" Kosma Pejcz
  • WTF. I (#$&^$( LOVE D'Yer Maker. Really good song. I also like The Crunge. I must say they kick the crap outta No Quarter. I'm not a fan of that song. Only 1 on the album I don't like it. HOT DOG IS SO FUNNY!!!! I like it. I don't like I'm Gonna Crawl or In The Evening. In Through the Out Door is my least favorite album too though.

  • Your Times Is Gonna Come

    Making money is making sense
    • alfapp escribió...
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    • 4 Jul 2010, 10:29
    Ozone Baby

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