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    • 16 Feb 2011, 13:29
    gamertag: demonzwithryu

    fave bands: emmure, born of osiris & la roux

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    • 16 Feb 2011, 13:30
    gamertag: demonzwithryu

    fave bands: emmure, born of osiris & la roux

  • T3CHNOR0CKER on xbox live

  • gamertag: iTz Juicy

    Favorite band: Modest Mouse

  • Gamertaq : xGl2UlVlPSZx
    Fav. Band : Blink182

  • Gamertag: Dunkaccino

    Favorite band: Nirvana

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    • 24 Feb 2011, 0:23
    gamertag: cursedDNA

    fav band: The White Stripes

    Drugs make me understand tye dye
  • GamerTag: ChaosAlchemist4

    Favorite Band: pretty much everything

    • Raej- escribió...
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    • 27 Feb 2011, 17:04
    Gamertag ; DeadIine

    Band ; I'm currently in love with The Amity Affliction

    If anybody would like to play I have H3, Borderlands, All CODs so just add me. I don't get on xbox much anymore though..

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    • 2 Mar 2011, 17:56
    Gamertag: Rika is st00pid
    Favorite band: The Ghost Inside.

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    • 2 Mar 2011, 19:49
    GT: VoidQuake

    Favorite band: Parkway Drive

  • gamer tag is xanthos105

    favorite band is SKILLET

  • gamertag : deviltinus
    favourite band: m58 /in flames/ a lot of other stuff

    My words dont mean nothing
  • Gamertag: werewolfgirl94, but I don't have live anymore, so I sometimes use my brother's, Waxensole ... 0464 I think.

    Artist: Avril Lavigne.

    ♥ Reminisce old memories ♥

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    • 6 Mar 2011, 0:22
    Gamertag- AfriKONG
    Fav band- Toots and the maytals

  • Gamertag: dominator99999

    Fav Band: System Of A Down

    • Trv_Augor escribió...
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    • 10 Mar 2011, 20:02
    Gamertag: kilmister07

    Fav musician: John Acquaviva and Ricardo Villalobos

  • Gamertag: twistedbee
    Favorite Band: Five Iron Frenzy

    • liamwb123 escribió...
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    • 13 Mar 2011, 14:15
    Gamertag: edubb22444

    Favorite music: Bruno Mars

    • Concr3t3 escribió...
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    • 14 Mar 2011, 5:57
    Gamertag: Concr3t3

    Favorite Band: Under The Stone

  • You ready for this? You ready? Ready? ....SurrealFactory. I play TF2 a lot. Also, I listen to too many genres to have a favorite band. I like em all. :D

  • Gamertag: HelgaHufflepuff

    Favourite band: Death From Above 1979

    • iJayR escribió...
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    • 17 Mar 2011, 18:03
    GamerTag: JayR
    fav band: Yellowcard
    games i play: i used to play h3 a lot (i was number 3 in GER), but atm im only playin fifa and im waiting for crysis 2...

    if you add me, pls say that you found me on, because usually i decline random fr's

  • Gamertag - PiecesOfQuiet90

    Favorite band - Rudimentary Peni

    Games i play the most on Live are Resident Evil 5 Left 4 Dead 2 and Dead Rising 2 but i have other games too if anyone wants to add me

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    • 19 Mar 2011, 6:31
    Gamertag: JollehRoger

    Favorite Band: None really but I mostly listen to Classic Rock.

    Games I Play Most: Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, Battlefield Bad Company 2. Basically if it's on my played list and is multiplayer hit me up for a game and I will see if I still have it.

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