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  • You can scrobble from iPods, smartphones, Google phones, Windows phones, your PC desktop, several libraries, Grooveshark VIP, and Last.fm's potential is being held back on Xbox !? ..It doesn't seem right.
    Microsoft's social network is massive and Gold subscriptions continue to grow. People just seriously love their 360's and want everything to do with it.

    I want everything to do with Last.fm and use every service and app I can find to utilize scrobbling and chart my library, including my phone & PC. I have always been a huge advocate for the service and usually turn Pandora users over in an instant.
    I personally, would be happy with a larger percentage of functions for Last.fm on the 360, like scrobbling music from a HDD or the xbox HD, playback during gameplay, etc. I would even subscribe to be able to play during gameplay ..and I can say other users would as well!
    Why does Xbox 360 have to miss out when it's nearly become the home entertainment Mecca! It's easy to suggest more time is spent on an Xbox than a desktop PC, or phone for that matter-

    Make it happen!
    Any news on this development?

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    ^^what they said, could be usefull if M$ put in what equates to 'apps' and convert last.fm to one that can standalone and be used during actual gaming

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  • Don't do it

    I really hope they NEVER enable Last.FM to be played in the background of online gaming. It will happen when a gamer on a budget connection is constantly dropping out or lagging because he's listening to streaming music. I can almost guarantee this is why they're not enabling it.

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    • 24 Nov 2010, 2:36
    rjesps said:
    In an ideal world, you could stream last.fm and play games online at the same time. My guess is that if you were to stream last.fm at the same time as playing a game online (say Modern Warfare 2) you would probably see disruptions on one or both applications. If your system could not play both, then depending on how it is engineered, either last.fm would cut in and out and be really choppy or you might get OK streaming from last.fm and lag in your MW2 game and possibly loose connection from the game.

    Ok this argument seems plausible, but if you think about it - playing last.fm doesn't slow down the netcode in games on your PC. The fact of the matter is, networking doesn't work like that. Last.fm won't "get in the way" on the xbox any more than it does on a PC. I measure last.fm's bandwidth consumption at around 16KB/s. World of Warcraft claims to use 4KB/s but in reality is more like 10-30 depending what you're doing. Xbox live REQUIRES a broadband connection of at least 512Kbps (64KB/s) - if we take the 16 for streaming from last.fm away from that, we get 48KB/s left over for games. Considering World of Warcraft which, we can all agree, is a network-intensive game only takes up to 30 on a bad day (look it up on Google or test it yourself if you don't believe that), there's no cause for concern.

    Another person cited CPU usage, I thought this also deserved addressing. Last.fm on the PC is, admittedly, a whole different cup of tea. But let's take that as a "minimum required" cpu usage seeing as the xbox version can clearly be made more efficient if it takes more cycles than the PC version (seeing as an xbox's architecture is nearly identical to a modern 6-core PC). My last.fm takes ~1.5% of my 3GHz cpu. The Xbox 360 has a tri-core Xenon 3.2GHz (each core capable of running 2 threads simultaneously, making it effectively 6-core). This means an Xbox game only has to sacrifice roughly 0.48GHz of one core (0.5% of total CPU resources) - it would have to give pretty much the same amount to the xbox version of WMP if that was playing, and it's trivial to restrict the user to a single media player at once (also, who would even want to run WMP at the same time as last.fm???).

    Granted, the CPU usage figures are 90% speculation, but trust me on this - playing music through last.fm isn't going to take very much more than playing music through WMP. Yes, it will be a bit more because it has to run networking code, but then it doesn't have to access the hard drive, so it's going to be faster anyway and it won't block on drive i/o. I'm rambling.

    The point is this - the reasons are not technical.

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    Re: Don't do it

    producerdan74 said:
    I really hope they NEVER enable Last.FM to be played in the background of online gaming. It will happen when a gamer on a budget connection is constantly dropping out or lagging because he's listening to streaming music. I can almost guarantee this is why they're not enabling it.

    They could easily disable it in online game modes -__-

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    • 31 Ene 2011, 19:39
    I like this app. I always use it when I have a people over the apartment and when we do get togethers. Nice to be smoking a bowl or playing card games with last.fm in the background.

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    • 31 Ene 2011, 20:05

    Someone already figured this out like 3 years ago

    TVersity + lastfmproxy


  • ??

    Just added the last.fm app for the 360 and I have to say I am so dissapointed that you cant listen to the music while playing. It seems that gaming would be first priority on a gaming console. I think last.fm would be so much more popular if they can work something out with microsoft because we all know they have the technology to do it. Untill then I have to go back to just listening to Pandora off of my pc while playing. I think a lot of people will do that also. Good try though last.fm, maybe next time. I'm a complete xbox guy but maybe for last.fm's sake they should see if they have better luck at Sony with the Playstation 3 because really if they were able to make the background possible they would easily destroy any other internet radio. Most of the gamers I know all use Pandora on their computers but if they could use last.fm while playing then things would really change.

  • This is so typical of Microsoft. Almost none of the programs that Microsoft offer have built-in multi-functionality (that is, the ability to do more than one thing at once). Someone suggested possible license issues in another forum, but, again, I don't think that the problem is with last fm at all. Likely, as usual, Microsoft is to blame for putting out a half-baked product that everyone has problems with (i.e. RROD, BSOD). Of course, this doesn't take anything from the awesomeness of the XBOX console, which I do love, but I do wish that they would allow you to listen to music during a game using last fm. Now, you can connect an iPod to the XBOX via USB and play that using the built-in media player and just mute the game music in the options menu. Of course, this is a lot of hassle just to listen to music other than the often-times awful game soundtracks. Hopefully, this will get fixed, but I won't be holding my breath, especially given Microsoft's track record with things of this nature.... Maybe last fm can put a bit of pressure on them to get it done, but we'll see if they can or will....

  • We still don't have this!? I'd be using it every day!!!

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