UK user - has disappeared from xbox

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    • 7 Nov 2011, 21:32

    UK user - has disappeared from xbox

    Hi, I had on my xbox (gamertag: cheswan) within the UK, and it worked perfectly for many months.

    Then about 2 months or so ago it just disappeared from the music marketplace, and I had just assumed that the relationship between the 2 companies had ended.

    However, on googling it recently, and finding this forum, it seems as if I should still see it.

    After reading other posts - I've checked I'm online with xbox live; I've checked family settings (set to off); I've checked in music marketplace and also inside the music apps/games category - all with no joy.

    Please help me get it back!

  • It should be there under the music marketplace. Check your content settings as outlined here.

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