Beta feedback: Bugs and Crashes

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    • 2 Sep 2008, 18:26

    Beta feedback: Bugs and Crashes

    Hi There!

    This thread should be used for reporting bugs and crashes with the beta version of the iPhone app.


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    • 2 Sep 2008, 21:40

    Last.fm4iphone beta1:Needs restart if the ipod app is opened by the earphones button

    In Spain, the iPhone 3G comes bundled with earphones that include a button/mic to use them handsfree. The bahavior when the button in the earphones is triggered is to launch the ipod app and start playing.

    If this is done when is playing a station, that station fades out in favor of the ipod app, but if the button is triggered once again, the ipod application fades out, turning the application unable to play any other station, it loads the information of the song, including it's length, but is unable to play any song until it's closed and reopened.


  • Ok, first crash. I was listening to coldplay and I clicked the ban button and it crashed. I've had it running for about 30 minutes. I sent a crash report. (btw the crash report box pops up at the loading screen and doesn't let you click it until after you get to the main menu.)

    I like music and movies. I also make both.
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    • 2 Sep 2008, 22:29
    Great! Just wanted to let you guys know we are receiving your crash reports, and I've already identified a few bugs from them that we'll get fixed shortly. Thanks!

  • Are the crash reports going to be a permanent feature to help you with future updating? i think it's a pretty neat idea if you can use it to your advantage. I don't know if you noticed before, but if you try to enter a username in the 'search username' box and the username does not exist, it comes up with a load of rubbish and errors if you click 'my library' etc.

    Also, correct me if i'm wrong, but I thought a search was meant to actually provide suggestions for what your looking for. So if I search 'joebloggs', I would expect to see a list starting with 'joebloggs' and then all the other usernames containing that phrase; not just to be taken away to his/her profile.

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    • 2 Sep 2008, 23:18
    @flamborandy yep, crash reporting is here to stay, though we may tweak it a bit before the final release.

    I saw the crash report you submitted when viewing an invalid user, we'll add a safeguard against that. Unfortunately we don't have a username search webservice so we're not able to provide suggestions at this time. Hopefully we will be able to add this in the future.

  • If a top listener's name is clicked whilst listening to a track, the application effectively takes you back a stage so either back to the search interface or your profile view. Going back into top listeners, the username now has the timer icon thing next to it but it never loads.

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    • 3 Sep 2008, 0:18
    This was reported in the UI thread, and has been fixed. Thanks!

    BTW: The crash report server seems to have gone down, we'll get that back up and running tomorrow morning.

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    • 3 Sep 2008, 1:07
    Viewing the Events calendar for any of my friends actually shows my own events calendar.

    Common Artists is not accurate. I'm getting almost the same artists for all my friends, when I know that the artists we have most in common are different. The trend I'm seeing with the common artists is that out of all the artists I might have in common with a friend, the ones showing up are those with the most plays on overall. So, for example, for most of my friends, the first two common artists are Muse and The White Stripes.

    App crashed twice in a row when clicking on a friend's name to go to their profile. Loading friend profiles seems to be taking a while in general (tested on Wi-Fi with a strong signal).

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    • 3 Sep 2008, 2:32 crashing when receiving (fetching) email (?)

    I've submitted a crash report earlier. Not sure what caused that one because I wasn't using the device (other than listening through the app).

    It crashed a 2nd time, but after relaunching I wasn't asked to send in a report. The app seemed to crash only a few seconds before I received a new message via email. I have my phone set to pull new email every 15 minutes. This may just be a coincidence because I haven't had any crashes since.

    Really lovin' the app, btw!

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    • 3 Sep 2008, 9:05

    calls stop the songs?

    I listened to my library while cycling. It's perfect when I'm on 3g, but when I tried it on gprs it really didn't work; it took way too long to buffer a song- about a minute, then it played for a few secs and then it started buffering again. (Are there plans for lower bitrate songs for the slower networks? Or is that not going to help much anyway?)

    I got a call while listening to 'recommended'. After that, the app was still there, it continued buffered the song and then.. it did nothing. It didn't play the song. Bug?

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    • 3 Sep 2008, 16:19
    I cant scrobble on my iphone 3g

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    • 3 Sep 2008, 17:48

    Don't recover after an interruption

    When I'm playling music, and the program is interrupted by an event (eg. a phone call, alarm alter, calendar alert, sms, etc.) the program sound mutes. When the sound is muted and the program stopped playing the current song, the iPhone displays the alert that was causing the interruption (eg. an alarm alert). When I close the alert box, I had hoped that the program started back playing my music, or just the next song. This is the behaviour that the iPod program has, so I thought that the application would have the same behaviour, but it hasn't. When I then manually want to start the next song or a new playlist, nothing happens. The application won't start playing again. I have to exit the application and start it up again before I can continue listening music.

  • songs ending prematurely

    im listening to my recommendations now, and twice i have been listening to a song when it ended early. the one i was just listening to ended 32 seconds early. it just started buffering the next song before the current song was over. thanks.

  • crash

    in the middle of a supertramp song, song stutters, and then crash. bummer! im sure you'll get the report when i sync, ya?

  • As infoatdfx if something interupts it whilst it is playing it should go onto a new track or just mute itself, if it muted itself before the interuption then it could come straight back up after or if it just went straight onto a new song that could also work. I understand that you can't pause so asking for that wouldn't be feasable :-)

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    • 3 Sep 2008, 23:13
    Thanks for the feedback! I've added the interruption problem to the list of known issues and we'll work on fixing that.

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    • 4 Sep 2008, 7:11
    Weird thing happened this night/ morning. I had listened to at night, while charging the iPhone; when I woke up and checked my phone, the standby screen still showed the title of the 'now (not) playing number' under the clock (where the date should have been) I tried pressing the home button for a while, nothing; tried starting and quitting; nothing. It stayed there until I turned off the phone.

    Had 'crash on start' a few times, had to restart the phone for the app to work again. Not sure if these are in the crash report.

    >Installed the second beta.

    - can no longer tap on the red date in event calendar for artist on tour; nothing happens

  • The iPhone Config utility was giving me an error when the volume is change in the app...

    this is the error log:

    Thu Sep 4 01:12:31 unknown iapd[23] <Warning>: MediaVolumeMgr::VolumeStateChanged() an error caused volume not to be updated

    I like music and movies. I also make both.
  • Beta 2 Feedback so far

    So, I've found a few things that aren't quite right with beta 2:

    -in calendar you can't select the event even though there's a red square there!

    -purple lines appear when changing the month in calendar

    -when selecting a 'top listener' profile, the 'now playing' button sticks to the left of the screen for a second instead of staying on the right

    -selecting another users' common artist radio doesn't work.

    -clicking the name box in another users' profile makes it turn blue whilst holding. I know nothing is supposed to happen but it kind of gives the impression that something should - can you disable the 'button' feature of the box and just have it as a box?

  • It just crashed half way through playing a song in my library. When app was reloaded it didn't ask me whether to send an error report or not.

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    • 4 Sep 2008, 11:26
    D'oh! We made a last-minute change to the calendar and it looks like we managed to break it in the process, it'll be fixed in the next beta.

    @clancemasterj: That's an Apple bug, you can safely ignore the message.

    @flamborandy: the common artists aren't fully implemented yet, this will be finished in the next beta. I've turned off the blue highlight on the profile cell, thanks for pointing that out!

  • crashes on iphone

    I having regular freezes and then crashes on my iphone 3G running This always seems to happen when I press one of the buttons like 'love' hate' or 'skip' . There seems to be no pattern as to which button, but the crashes are consistent and happen almost every time I use it

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    • 4 Sep 2008, 16:18
    @davewhughes: is this the beta version of the app? If so, please submit your crash log when prompted, the crash report server should be back up and running now.

  • initial beta 3 feedback

    -well, the search screen is not quite there! On any of the 3 tabs - you can only search for an artist - the search text box always says 'enter an artist name'. Ah ok - hold on - this only happened the first time I tried it - it seems to have fixed itself now - will let you know if it happens again.

    -though getting to the search screen is a lot snappier. :-)

    -still can't see the last search result - see UI discussion for my post.

    -thanks for getting rid of the blue highlighting on the cells.

    -calendar is nice - i like the little list at the bottom if there are two events on one day for an artist - can't see the bottom of the last result though - and when i went to the events of another artist - the list was still there. still can't set 'maybe' for an event - always defaults to 'will be attending'.

    -glad to see 'common artists' in user profiles working.

    -'now playing' tab still sticks to left hand corner whilst moving into a user profile

    -i'm not sure about the new 'on tour' button - i think it was better where it was (in the corner) - although i can see why people might think that it's not a button and just ignore it. I'm sure it takes longer to appear than before?

    Sorry for putting bugs and UI stuff in the bugs discussion board!

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