Raising Sand-Robert Plant & Alison Krauss duet album

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    • 12 Dic 2011, 22:30

    Raising Sand-Robert Plant & Alison Krauss duet album

    Hey what's up,
    So I've tried listening to this two different times, and noticed that the album scrobbles as being by Robert Plant, even though it's by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, (which as you see is the actual correct artist for Last.fm purposes-it's not correct if it scrobbles to Robert Plant). I always hate to scrobble to the wrong artist, so if someone could just have it auto-correct so that the artist "Robert Plant, Alison Krauss" goes to Robert Plant & Alison Krauss", that would be awesome. Another problem is that I'm also listening to this from Spotify (which for some reason auto-corrects to what they have in their library and not according to Last.fm scrobble-friendly plays-they claim to be scrobble-friendly but aren't in the least), and I can't listen to it through iTunes, where it is actually correct because I have an external with all my iTunes music but that external's currently defunct. So to sum up my question/suggestion- when scrobbling from Spotify, correct any tracks that say the artist is "Robert Plant, Alison Krauss" to "Robert Plant & Alison Krauss." I'm sure this is the same problem for other artists, specifically like jazz collaboration albums, I'm just not sure which ones.

    I've also posted this from the Last.fm forum, just to make sure it gets solved.

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    I moved your other thread to Website Support, where staff will see it. http://www.last.fm/forum/21713/_/2025061

    /locked - duplicate

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