Best of 2009: Data Download

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    • 15 Dic 2009, 13:04

    Best of 2009: Data Download

    As some of you might have noticed over the last couple of weeks, we have been steadily rolling out a list of this year’s 40 most popular artists based on your scrobbles. In the final week, we’re offering all this data in a raw file format to all developers.

    The idea is that using the existing web services you can hack together your own best of 2009. Build a tool to calculate how mainstream you were this year, a background generator with this year’s favourite albums or an awesome data visualisation. If you’re short on ideas, get some inspiration at

    The data will become available tomorrow (Wednesday 16 December), and you will find it on the Best of 2009 about page. I will also post a direct link here.

    UPDATE: Data is now available

    Basic data is available as a TSV (Tab Separated Value) file, and we also provide an XML file with a lot more additional data for those who don’t want to make a lot of webservice calls. If you think something is missing from this dataset and want it added, let Jonty know. More info on the Best of 2009 about page.

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