When I Found The Knife

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    • 18 Jun 2007, 6:14

    When I Found The Knife

    So, sit down and tell your story.
    I've read about The Knife on The Cardigans forum. Marcus (the bassist) overwied them as nice music with unusual vocal. So i get it. It was year ago.. about.

  • well i first heard The Knife on a compilation album called The Trip and i really liked the song but didn't really find out anymore about The Knife until i heard the Royksopp song 'What Else Is There?' which is now my favourite song and i loved the vocal, and when i found out that it was Karin Dreijer from The Knife i became a huge fan ! i'm a huge fan of Honey Is Cool as well though, they're both excellent.

    anyway that's my story : )
    it's good that people are finally talking in this group
    : )

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    • 17 Jul 2007, 23:35
    It was maybe October of last year. I was driving home... just getting on the highway and then I heard Marble House on the radio and I couldn't stop "dancing" in my seat. My body was feeling every sound. The bumping beat. The atmospheric sounds rolling through. I just hadn't heard anything like it and it made me want to get up and dance.

    Later that evening, I was at the station... (I am a radio DJ and I had my show later that night).. and I asked the DJ who that artist was. I was hooked ever since. I played "Marble House" that night on the air. It was a great night.

    It was the start of my love for The Knife

  • God, I wish I could remember how I found the Knife. It was last year, that I recall. I don't remember how or when, but I heard Heartbeats. Maybe I was intrigued by the vocal after hearing Röyksopp's "What else is there?", Karin Dreijer's vocal is awesome. There's a certain Björk-esque feel to it, perhaps it's the accent. I've loved Karin Dreijer as a musician and her projects ever since (...not to say that Olof is less important or anything, but since it's the Karin Dreijer-group and all.)

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    • 23 Oct 2007, 17:25
    I'm the third person who discovered The Knife thanks to Royksopp's What Else Is There..... I remember it was at the end fo 2005 and from the first time I listened to that song I inmediately became obsessed with that music, that voice, and that video. Then I searched for who was the owner of that incredible voice and I discovered Karin and The Knife. The first song I listened was Heartbeats, and, of course, I also became obsessed with that song.

  • yo los descubri en un foro de IAMX.
    en un tema que decia "bandas parecidas a IAMX"
    ahi alguien los nombro.. y me dio curiosidad asi que baje sus cds.. (los 2 ultimos.. el otro no lo encontre)
    y bueh. me gusto .. pero no demasiado.. y mucho despues los volvi a escuchar y quise bajar mas.. baje todos sus cds.. encontre honey is cool y royksopp... y.. etc

  • "heartbeats," of course.

    and then eventually i realized it was the same singer as honey is cool.

  • Cool teacher

    There used to be a teacher (englishman) at my school who used to DJ, knew Maximo Park personally a was hugely into music (taught social science, by the way), and this guy used to give me something we called House Lessons during lunchbreaks, and he was playing different kinds of electronic and house music and then we would analyse and discuss them. Well, and one day, he played What Else is There. At first I did not like Karin's voice, but eventually, as the track continued, I started to love it. I said that it is flipping brilliant. A then he said: Her band sounds EVEN better. And played... like a pen. Next thing I know, I was at Norwich HMV, buying Silent Shout deluxe edition and The Knife. I was there on an english course with my school.

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    • 6 Nov 2008, 10:13

    jose gonzalez

    The day I found the knife was when I was searching the internet for the song in the famed Sony Bravia Ad that i really liked. I searched out the lyrics, and I found out it was called "heartbeats".. I didn't know who sung it.

    I downloaded a couple of songs.. and well, jose gonzales's version was the one I was looking for, but there was this other thing by "the knife".. some kid of - weird europop-house on crack kind - of a song. I hated it, and deleted it. Later, i found out Jose covered The Knife, and not the other way. "no way!"

    Later, after i started loving "What Else is There"'s weird vocals and Silent Shout was such a big thing everywhere, I had to give that album a try. I didn't like it that much. It was strangely interesting, but I still didn't get what everyone was talking about.

    And maybe some 3 month ago, I listened to their first album. I was completely blown away. Brilliant. Couldn't listen to anything else except The Knife for a whole 2 weeks.

    Now I've listened to every album, back to back, and I enjoy every single one of them. I still like the debut album the most, and Silent Shout Live just might be one of the greatest live albums ever.

    Right now I feel like listening to Karin's voice all over again, and I'm just starting to discover Honey is Cool.

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    • 13 Jul 2010, 13:05
    Well I heared Heartbeats in my sister room and I really like it :D So i download Deep
    Cuts and Silent Shout :D Now it's my favourite band ! :D And I loved them very much ! ;))

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    • 18 Jul 2010, 3:57

    Mix CD

    My boyfriend made me a mix CD toward the end of 09' and told me it was a "winter CD".

    It had the tracks "Heartbeats" and "High School Poem".

    Been a fan ever since.

  • Related artists from Crystal Castles, I think.

  • 2008

    I was 18. Senior year of high school, I was hanging out with a new group of friends, and one of their cell phones rung. Her ringtone was "Heartbeats". I just remember how aggressive it was. I went on myspace, and looked them up and I laughed when I saw the brother/sister duo with crow beaks attatched to their faces. Needless to say, Deep Cuts inroduced me to electronic music. I've been a fan ever since.

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    • 18 Dic 2010, 21:57
    pass this on is a king !!!

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    • 21 Ene 2011, 7:31

    omg so long, sorry about that :)

    i was in my apartment during my junior year of college, it was a friday night and my roommate and i had just taken some ecstasy tabs and were waiting for the come up. i had forgotten that i'd taken adderall earlier that day (i have ADD) and so when the initial amphetamine effects begin to take effect, my heart was beating so fast that i immediately swallowed a xanax.

    not too long after i felt fine, but then i decided it was a good idea to hit our neighbor's bong and the marijuana and the amazing ecstasy come up hits me all at once and i feel amazing but the idea of going out in public in such a state was unfathomable.

    this is becoming way long, but in the interest of staying focused i ended up alone in my apartment, listening to my ipod on shuffle standing in the doorway of our third-floor apartment onto the porch, staring out at the trees swinging. outside was beautiful, all music was beautiful, and next thing i know i'm listening to the most amazing song i'd ever heard.

    "marble house" had come up on shuffle, and i was transfixed. i could feel the sharp corners of some notes and the gorgeous curves of others, the incredible power and emotion behind each syllable. the flow from one verse to the next, the colors... it was intense. i think i listened on repeat for a while.

    that prompted me to read everything i could about them online, i was so amazed that this gem was hidden amongst my itunes library for so long evading discovery... the fact that it happened while i was rolling was fantastic! i still love it to this day, and the knife. the depth of their lyrics and their incredible talents makes me happy that true musicians are still out there, doing what they love and hopefully encouraging people to THINK.

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  • MTV, age 14

    It was a very late night, and me as a 14-year-old swedish girl had just got that kind of pay-tv that aired MTV when they still played music at night. I remember the cold swedish weather when the video to silent shout suddenly aired in the mid of some dancehall- or pop-hit.

    It was a frightening expreience, I've never been actually scared of a video before. But the songs unik baseline and the thrilling characters together with the epileptic visuals made me feel completely filled with their music. I had nightmares of that video, but the song is stuck forever as an inprinted picture of me listening to the best music i've ever heard.

    5 years and a thousand swedish cd-crows later they still are one of my absolute favourites. If not, the favourite.

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  • 2005

    A friend sent me "Heartbeats" and I fell in love with Karin's voice right away!

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    • 30 Ene 2011, 0:15
    LastFM led me to The Knife in '06 a couple months after joining I first heard Heartbeats, and loved it, but it wasn't till I heard Pass This On that it really clicked for me because I knew at that point, that as a group, they could be whatever I needed them to be, diverse, pretty, scary--kinda like my own personal postmodern absurdist ear candy.

  • 2006/2007

    ... when my friend showed me "Like a pen" video... it was love at first sight!

  • Silent Shout

    the first track I heard by The Knife must have been either Silent Shout or Pass This On, both have been on my brothers computer. I was immediately obsessed of the bass line and the drums of Silent Shout every time I heard it aswell as Pass This On, both tracks have infected me with The Knife and electronic music in general. today I listen alot to their other albums and Fever Ray, which is again an epic record. I think their best record was Silent Shout, at least to me this album is somehow magic and different to their older stuff. I love the dark atmosphere and the ambient techno sound which is so good transformed on their live DVD. the first time I watched the DVD I remember I thought they would actually do exactly what I wanted or expected them to do. I am very excited about the upcoming album and I have no idea in what direction they want to go this time

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    • 12 Jul 2011, 21:57
    It was about 2 years ago... summer 2009.
    The song 'Rock Classics' came up on my Lastfm radio around the same time I noticed The Knife on my sister's Lastfm page.
    I went to Rasputin Music in Berkeley and bought the only Knife CD they had - the Deluxe Edition of Deep Cuts, which I am re-listening to right now! :)

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  • I think I may be the only person who found out about The Knife through Fever Ray. I saw theneedledrop's year end list on youtube with Fever Ray's S/T as #1. I checked it out and thought it was the weirdest shit I'd ever heard, it's now my 2nd favorite LP of all time, checked out Silent Shout shortly after. This was all in around April of this year.

  • When I found The Knife it was a dark winter and I was listening to José González. I liked Heartbeats and then I discovered it was actually a cover of The Knife. Of course as I started listening to The Knife I did not ever let them down. Love story with no ending! And I know, one day I'll go in a trashy bar in Sweden and accidentaly they'll play there for the three people present, all drunk. Just like in the cozy old times.

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    • 12 Mar 2012, 14:32
    Their self titled debut came up as recommendation on amazon.

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    • 16 May 2012, 15:03

    When I was 13, 2010 Summer (as I remember)

    A deep friend of mine sent me a Fever Ray song that is ''Concerete Walls'', after that, I liked it so much and thought it was nothing like the other music, extremely individual and emotional (also sometimes melancholic) so I got the whole album.

    After, I discovered Röyksopp and Karin had grrreat songs with them too. I was getting so addicted and obsessed about her voice and all so I wanted to know if she had any other groups including her.

    I loved The Knife even more than anything else I listen. Now I even listen to her first group, Honey Is Cool

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