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This group is interested in jazz/hip hop crossovers.

Mellow laid back rap tracks mixed with real jazz music or jazzy samples.

Example artists are Jazzmatazz, US3, A Tribe Called Quest, Lone...

Welcome to the Jazz Hop Group!

This group brings together everyone interested in jazz/hip hop crossovers. Not sure, if we're your type of people? Check out the group charts to get a first impression on what kind of stuff we're into. Or tune directly into our Jazz Hop Global Tag Radio. The station plays everything our community has tagged with "jazz hop".

So: when we talk about here, we mean: Mellow laid back rap tracks mixed with real jazz music or jazzy samples. Artists of this kind of music, you've probably heard of are Jazzmatazz, Us3, A Tribe Called Quest or The Roots. But of course there are many, many more.

A great place to start is our recommendations page, because everyone here contributes to keep them up to date. Also worth checking out: The connections tab, which lists all artists and labels we know that have a distinct jazz hop feel to them. We also have regular updates on new albums and reviews in our group journal.

You are very welcome to join, share your ideas and favourites with us. In short: contribute to every aspect of this group. We're sure to thank you for that. Come, have a beat.

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