Introduce Yourself

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    • 2 Ago 2005, 0:10

    Introduce Yourself

    Post an introduction here if you'd like ^0^

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    • 2 Ago 2005, 0:15
    I'm Anna, the owner of this group. I'm 18 years old, and am a pre-psych major at the University of Oregon. I've liked J-Rock for about 2-3 years so far. At first, I only liked Gackt and Dir en grey, but I eventually branched out...a lot...and now I like several different artists.


    ...P.S. I only got to opening this forum today because it wouldn't let me open it on audioscrobbler, but would let me on, and I didn't know to look there until now ^^;;

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    • 2 Ago 2005, 13:50
    Well, OK~! I'm Tofu, and I'm 17. I'm currently in high school in England. I listen to mostly JRock. Over the past few months, I've started to listen to many more artists, and I hope that groups like this will help to further develop my taste and interest! :3 Thank you!

    - Tofu

  • Hello. Same here about that... I started with Gackt and moved to a bunch of new artists from there. :}D

    I suppose my Audioscrobbler page will sum up what I've been listening to lately. ;)

  • listened to the quasi-scene music in yoyogi-kouen/harajuku
    and I still have an unapologetic sweet tooth for Mr. Children.

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    • 23 Ago 2005, 4:42
    Hi, I'm from Malaysia and I just stumbled onto this page~ ^__^

    I've only started liking Jrock for about 2 yrs... started out with Laruku & Gackt ^^ I've branched out to other bands now [Kagrra, being my favourite]~ like Diru, Rentrer, Nightmare, SID, Plastic Tree, Clavier, Acidman, X Japan...
    nice to meet you all *waves* <3

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    • 23 Ago 2005, 20:33
    Welcome everyone :D Thanks for joining!

  • Hi!
    I'm Kuro from France, i'm 23.
    I started to be on J-rock with Luna Sea, Gackt, Kagrra... 3 years ago. Now, i'm more on indies VK bands and i spend all my days to listen to music ^^:

  • ah i'm always late but anyways...

    I'm mimei, from...New Zealand (at my last count there are 7 people in NZ who know of j-rock ^^ although one likes ayumi hamasaki..i thought i better leave him in to up the count a little...). I'm studying Law and Arts (conjoint) at the University of Auckland.

    I got into indies without realising it. Most unfortunate :P. Oh, and then I realised it somehow ^^;;;. At the moment I'm addicted to メリー, シド and cali≠gari. Keen on shulla, and Tourbillon too :)

    Hi everyone :)

    lunacy: join and get cornflakes.
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    • 19 Oct 2005, 5:18
    Welcome everyone~~~

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    • 9 Dic 2005, 16:01
    uhhm ... hi. i'm xander. :) i am from the us, orlando, florida. :O um ... i'm 18? :D i'll be 19 in a week or so though X)

    i think the first j-music i listened to ever, was probably malice mizer. i'm not so big on them though; they just introduced me to other things. i'm more fond of hide and takui and the such.

    as far as visual goes, i enjoy kagrra, never crazy, aliza marie, aioria, and psycho le cemu. i saw PLC live earlier this year, so i feel kinda lucky i guess?

    i'm not really a huge fan of visual kei or indies or anything, but i do like things that sound unique, which the indies scene is seriously lacking in :( but sometimes i do find things that have a very distinct sound, such as kagrra,'s loud-ish but melodic music. i like the out-there, new wave kind of stuff, like Polysics or Illreme, and bouncy happy pop kind of things like porno graffiti and orange range. look down on me if you like, lots of j-music fans do x) oO

    uh ... so ... hi :D

  • I am late, but now....

    My name is Franziska.
    I am from Germany, 17 years old.
    I really, really loves J-muisc. The first
    from Japan what I had hear was 'Dive to
    blue' from L'Arc~en~Ciel. I was
    I cant expressened me, but the song had make
    me so happy!!! I start to search for new musiv.
    Asian music, J-music. And I found a lot of
    gooood stuff^^ Really good. Now I am a big fan
    of L'Arc~en~Ciel, X-Japan, Tetsu69^^, hide,
    Clazziqai, Clavier (I had not much music from them, but
    they sounds so good...), Chen Lin, Kaggra, miyavi (oh, he
    is gooood^^)and so on. I cant stop to hear
    music from Asia, really! Live without music....No,
    not possible.
    So I am a big fan of J-Indie, J-Rock, J-Pop and all other kinds of
    music from asia^^ it is^^ hehehe^^

    So thats me, call me Sennin^^

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    • 14 Dic 2005, 20:57
    Welcome everyone X3 Thanks for joining!

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    • 5 Ene 2006, 23:22


    Hey! my name's Azusa and i live in the maritimes in Canada!! ^^ hm.. where did i start this obsession lol X3 hm... i think i started to listen to Dir en grey and then i started to listen to XJapan and Gackt then i just sorta branched out from there lol Oh i'm 17 years old and i love jrock of pretty much any sort i'm still discovering new and awesome bands too!! um.. some faves are: Dir en Grey, Xjapan, Gackt, Gazette, SID, Alice Nine, Glay, Kagrra, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Miyavi, Malice Mizer, Nightmare, Plastic Tree, Vidoll, Psycho le Cemu and a few more. lol So there you have!! Toodle-oooo~!!

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    • 14 Ene 2006, 17:38
    My name is Emelie. I'm 17 and live in Sweden, North Europe. I listen mostly to Jrock and some other Asianmusic. I think Dir en grey got me into Jrock and I still love them. Other favorites are Miyavi, Due le Quartz and many more.

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    • 23 Ene 2006, 3:21
    Welcome ^0^

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    • 23 Ene 2006, 3:56
    Opps I just noticed that I haven't make my introduction here. So here goes.

    My name is Soujiro. Here I use another name for Audioscrobbler, Vindell. I'm 19 but reaching 20 soon. I live in Malaysia. I listen to any genre of Japanese music. For JRock, I'm a fan of L'Arc~en~Ciel, Dir en grey and Gazette.

    It's really sad that it's really hard to find Japanese music stuffs and merchandises over where I live. I hope more Malaysian listen to Japanese music so that people would be interested to open Japanese music store. Nice to meet you all. Hajimemashite yoroshiku. ^_^

  • Hello, my name is Tina and I come from the US. My first encounters with jrock were L'arc, Miyavi, and the pillows but what really sparked my interest was when I started listening to some indies like SID and Alice Nine. Right now, I guess that my favorites would be Kuroyume, DOREMIdan, Mucc, Aliza Marie, and Dir en Grey.

  • Heya~
    I'm Kittie, come from Germany and I'm currently 18 years old~

    I started think it was stuff like Malice Mizer like 4 years ago. Now I'm more into bands like..Fatima (<3333), Phantasmagoria, 12012 and so on~


  • hii~ x3

    i'm kaosu i'm 17 and come from germany..

    i start with gackt and dir en grey... but momently i more like to listen to bands like gazette (*most loved*), aile, alice nine, deadman, miyavi, despairs ray ..... much more fin xD~

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    • 8 Feb 2006, 19:10
    Thank you all for joining!

    reita-sama, my most loved band right now too :D Ruki makes my world happy LOL 8D and the music is so addictive..but not in the way that stupid 'catchy' pop music is..

  • awww~
    yeah, your sooo right! *-*
    i'm a little obsessed with gazette o0~ nya...okay i truely hang on them x3
    and today...NIL ...i think i dont must say somethink about or? xD

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    • 10 Feb 2006, 1:01
    I pre-ordered the first edition, but it won't come until later this month because I also ordered Rentrer en Soi's new mini-album, Protoplasm...and Third Stage sends stuff out COLLECTIVELY..*headdesk* I WANT NIL NOOOOOW .___. *cries*

    ...oh well...

    ...and Protoplasm isn't out until the 22nd >.<;; gah! Can't they release it earlier?

  • Awww another German!

    I know soooo many people who dislike Nil and because of that album now also Gazette! ('The GazettE' >xD) likes!! ,____, I think the album is great.

    Ahhh I want!!! o_________o Rentrer en Soi rock! **

    Btw. That shooting of his Ruki and his doggy was so lovely, wasn't it? *just remembered* xD

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    • 10 Feb 2006, 22:10
    Hey, valerianakitten, check my LJ layout:

    XD you're probably referring to my layout by mentioning the photoshoot, but I'm not sure...oh yes, I love Rentrer en Soi x3 I don't have anything by them yet, but I ordered Sphire Croid and Protoplasm...ah...I so can't wait for that order to come >.<;

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