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Fed up of the shitty emo music culture? Annoyed when people bash your beliefs or stand in the way of emo bashing? Well this is the place to be to vent your frustrations!! Here at It's All About...

It's All About Emo Bashing

Thats right another anti-emo group. However this one is DIFFERENT. This one is not just another group following the crowd. This group is a sister group to the infamous it's all about shit music.

Here at It's All About Emo Bashing we are opening peoples eyes to the destruction of the music industry by repetitive, boring and money-grabbing emo bands out there!

Whilst the artists in the connections page may not all sound 100% emo they are part of the overall modern mainstream emo scene and that's what this group is bashing. Not the original 80's emotive hardcore movement, just the 14-year-olds-who-hate-their-parents vein of emo.

To find out what this group is really out before you post whiney comments read this.

Want a more visual reason for joining?

For the record i do not support the bashing of users/groups/artists or their affiliates. Anybody who carries out these acts does so at their own risk/enjoyment.

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