Let's discuss!

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    • 29 Sep 2008, 16:16

    Let's discuss!

    In 500 words or less, tell us your favorite album of 2008 (thus far) and why.

    Doesn't have to be Japanese or Korean or whatever, just what you'd pick as your favorite of all those you've heard this year. Doesn't have to be released this year. Just pick an album! Tell us! TELL US NOW!


    And there's still 2 more months XD...

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    • 1 Oct 2008, 19:54
    look, just make a frickin' pick! or pick multiple. whatever.

    So here's mine: Nichika (self-titled). I blogged about it already, but seriously, this is one of those albums that should be handed off to every fan of Japanese music and listened to thoroughly. It's impossible for a group to appeal to everyone, but I think Nichika's capable of at least making an EFFORT to do that. They've just really got a lot of charm, and I haven't found a song on the album yet that is "forgettable" or a throwaway track.

    and the pv for "Atarashii Mizu" has hand animals. I mean COME ON.

  • At this moment its a tie between

    Yah! Yah! Yah! Hello Scandal! - SCANDAL, GAME - Perfume, first 9uality - THYME, かけがえのないもの ~ZARD Piano Classics~ - 羽田裕美 - all 2008

    How to explain...I could elaborate further.

    Scandal - Its obvious, they're my one of my favourites this year, not only because of the hot girls singing and playing in schoolgirl outfits, but also because they play really good pop-rock music.

    Perfume - With all the reviews flying around the internet and this much hype for an electronic album, It's no wonder why GAME is one of my favourite albums this year. Yasutaka Nakata did a really good job. Really good album, nice variety of songs, cute women, cute songs. Brilliant

    Thyme - easy on the ears, simple, brilliant. My write up ...yeah

    かけがえのないもの ~ZARD Piano Classics~ - Beautiful collection of ZARD songs interpreted by Hiromi on the piano. Its really smooth, what was upbeat is now a soothing slow ballad, wonderfully made and composed.

    Remember its only at this moment.

    I'm expecting RYTHEM's "23" to be extremely good....oh its already on KMC...^^

  • muramasa - WORLD

    Definitely, for this year. I can't remember any other album that had me listening to it everyday for like two weeks straight already and still going.

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    • 2 Oct 2008, 17:07
    I'm glad you like it so much, Rocky! I've gotta get you twinkle to see what your reaction to their earlier, more ska-based work is...

    I should also mention Aoyama Thelma's DIARY--I just now listened to it (I think it's been out for a while...) and was blown away. I saw her perform in the concert I was watching the other day, and I don't normally like R&B much... but really, she's very charming. That's the best way I can put it. That's probably my #3, since Haikara's ROCK PIT is still hanging on strong at the top...

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    • 11 Oct 2008, 1:55
    I think I've listened to johpan's Technopoplove2 more than any other new record lately. I did get the Genki Rockets record, but he picked the best song by far. I'll probably get the other stuff, but that music is best mixed.

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